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Bandai and Marvel Create Tech-On Avengers
Tokusatsu is a Japanese term for live action film or television drama that makes heavy use of special effects, and often deals with science fiction, fantasy or horror The most popular types of include kaiju monster films such as the Godzilla and Gamera film series; superhero TV serials such as the Kamen Rider and Metal[...]
Marvel’s 616 Episode 1 is All About Japanese Spider-Man!
He ended up landing Spider-Man at Toei Studios, which produced many of the biggest tokusatsu – "superhero' – series in Japan The show also interviews the main cast members, stunt performers, designers, and directors of the show who gave heartfelt accounts of their time producing it Basically, the Japanese makers just did whatever the hell[...]
Lauren Looks Back: The '70s Japanese Spider-Man TV Show
The show is your typical tokusatsu show, complete with a monster of the day. He also has a giant robot, because why the fuck not? The show has no resemblance to the Spider-Man we know, aside from the name and costume The stunts and action sequences are actually really good, but then again, sentai as a whole[...]