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Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics(UPDATE)
The Presentation will be by Tom Motley on "Composition Lessons from Comics Masters" He says: " Every picture, whether the artist tilts the seesaw toward realism or abstraction, has a dual identity as both a window into an imaginary world and a design on a flat surface In this workshop we'll look at ways master[...]
Infinite Sandbox: The Cartozia Tales Kickstarter Closes In 66 Hours
To add an extra wrinkle, the core creative team of Sarah Becan, Lucy Bellwood, Isaac Cates, Shawn Cheng, Lupi McGinty, Tom Motley, Jen Vaughan and Mike Wenthe are joined by a constantly shifting cast of guests Dylan Horrocks,  James Kochalka and Evan Dahm are amongst the names who've appeared to date and future guests include[...]