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Both Previous Villains Will Return For The Human Centipede Part 3
Let's not go into details. It's worth mentioning that I asked writer/director Tom Six at Big Screen last year whether he himself was planning to make a cameo in the sequels His response was something like this: Ahhhhh… haha. Coupled with a slightly shifty-eyed look The director made an appearance in the first teaser trailer for The Human[...]
Second Poster For The Human Centipede Part 2 Even More Grotesque Than The First
Just when I'd finished applying brillo pads to my eyes after seeing the first poster for Tom Six's The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence, along comes a second poster that one-ups it This is being displayed outside the Main Art Theatre in Detroit, and was apparently created because the original movie poster was thought[...]
Shocking First Poster For The Human Centipede Part 2 Puts It All Out There
The original poster for Tom Six's original The Human Centipede was pretty nasty, but only if you looked at it already knowing the premise of the film It showed all three sections of the human centipede pressed up against a frosted glass pane, and it was a brilliant poster Discreet enough to get away with[...]
Tom Six Responds To BBFC's No-Certificate Ruling For Human Centipede II
Hannah Shaw Williams writes for Bleeding Cool: Yesterday Bleeding Cool was tasked with the sad job of announcing that Dutch director Tom Six's sequel to his stomach-churning horror The Human Centipede was ruled too horrifying for the eyes of the sensitive British public by the all-powerful British Board of Film Classification.* The BBFC refused to grant[...]