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Walker Season 1 "Tracks" Preview:
And that's how it's starting to look heading into this week's episode of The CW's Walker, with "Tracks" finding Liam (Keegan Allen) and Capt James (Coby Bell) heading south of the border to follow up on what they learned in the last episode- but they're going to keep Cordell in the dark about it Gee,[...]
New Trailer For Tracks, Starring Mia Wasikowska And Adam Driver
Mia Wasikowska walks across the Australian desert in her latest film, Tracks, and if nothing else, it looks like it'll be gorgeous. The John Curran film received mostly positive if somewhat subdued reviews out of its handful of festival runs last year, but it did impress Harvey Weinstein, who picked it up for distribution in the[...]
Half Naked Ladies With Guns At San Diego Comic Con
Welcome to Tr!ckster Bar the pop up comics shop/bar/life drawing studio over the tracks from San Diego Comic Con You can't miss it, just follow the bass beat Even Brendon Connelly film writer of Bleeding Cool found comics to enjoy there such as Jeff Pidgeon's Happy Beaver by someone, as Brendon puts it, has a[...]