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Transport Fever 2 - Deluxe Edition Set For March Release
Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Urban Games announced that Transport Fever 2 – Deluxe Edition is coming out this March Players will be able to buy what is essentially a completed version of the game with a ton of new additions and bonus content on March 9th, 2023, specifically for PC via Steam for $48[...]
Transport Fever 2 Is Coming To Consoles
Nacon announced this week that they will be bringing Transport Fever 2 over to consoles next February Along with developer Urban Games, the company will be bringing all of the thrills of creating the greatest transportation system in the world to both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as you'll be getting the full version of this[...]
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Good Shepherd Entertainment officially announced this week that Transport Fever 2 will be coming out for PC this December The game will officially arrive on December 11th, allowing you to design your own public transit system however you wish Make your city a grand utopia of transit as people can get to where they need[...]