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Uderzo Donates Asterix Art To Charlie Hebdo Appeal, Worth $200,000
This is a majestic page from Asterix And The Laurel Wreath by Goscinny and Uderzo, which has been donated to raise money for the families of those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attacks Uderzo hardly ever sells his original artwork, so this is a very rare opportunity, including as it does the portrayal of Caesar's palace[...]
Uderzo Family Settle Their Differences Over Asterix Legacy
After seven years not speaking to each other (and with a few lawsuits in the middle), a statement has been released stating that the co-creator of Asterix, Albert Uderzo and his wife Ada Uderzo have reconciled with their daughter Sylvie Uderzo, ending a seven-year conflict of legal proceedings. The announcement followed a ruling today from the Appeal Court of Versailles in a[...]
Angoulême Dreaming Friday
They were rather happy… Thorgal's Rosinski got himself a higher grade of medal, however. The Angoulême Grand Prix votes being cast by comic creators.. Such as Benoit Peeters.. While Uderzo was feted by the show, 85 years old… We also got a projected release for the next Asterix volume, October 24th, being drawn by the US based Didier Conrad, now[...]