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After Brexit - Time To Launch the United Kingdom Dependence Party #NotComics
And with every company that leaves the UK, every financial figure that goes the wrong way, the argument to join the EU will get bigger and bigger. Where It All Began UKIP originated as the Anti-Federalist League, a single-issue left-wing Eurosceptic party by one Alan Sked in 1991, renamed UKIP in 1993 but its growth remained slow[...]
UKIP Call For Pro-European Union Comics To Be Banned
We covered the existence of such back in 2010 but the Daily Mail has just noticed. And when the Daily Mail notice, then the anti-European membership political party UKIP notices, who tell us, Comics for children extolling so-called virtues of the European Union should be banned, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall. He is now writing to the[...]
People Wake Up To… The British General Election
Except with the latest polls giving Labour and Conservative parties 34.1% each and the vote not concentrated enough thanks to the efforts of the Scottish National Party and UKIP, we are going to have a no overall party in majority, and parties forced to do dealings with parties they have previously stated they will have[...]
Has Mark Millar Changed His Mind On Scottish Independence?
However, he has maintained disquiet about the possibility of moving from the pound to the Euro and has expressed admiration for Nigel Farage, the leader of unionist nationalist party UKIP, opposed to the Euro – and to Scottish secession. And yesterday, he seems to have wobbled, from a firm 'yes' to an 'undecided' He wrote, I'm still[...]