Can We Save The Great American Cop Show 5 Ways Its Still Possible

Can We Save "The Great American Cop Show"? 5 Ways It's Still Possible

One of the things which made Netflix show Unbelievable so effective was the contrast in the conduct of the various police officers involved For those unfamiliar, the miniseries told the true story of the police who solved a series of rapes that occurred across Washington and Colorado Part of the story follows a young woman[...]

Watchmen Fleabag &#038 Unbelievable Make Pres. Obamas 2019 TV List &#8211 But Thats All

"Watchmen", "Fleabag" & "Unbelievable" Make Pres. Obama's 2019 TV List – But That's All?!?

While his other two choices were also home runs (Fleabag and Unbelievable), we do take exception with this idea of there being only three shows that were "cinema worthy".[caption id="attachment_1140348" align="alignnone" width="2000"] President Barack Obama[/caption]On behalf of all of us here at Bleeding Cool TV, we hope Michelle, Malia, and Sasha teach him the errors[...]