Alan Moore's Unearthing Videos Have Been Unearthed – And Will Go On Sale On Sunday
In 2007, Iain Sinclair published London: A City of Disappearances, which included the Alan Moore novella, Unearthing, a story about the long history of London suburb Shooter's Hill in a fashion similar to Voice Of The Fire on Northampton, and also his best friend and mentor who lived there, the late Steve Moore, which would also[...]
Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Unearthing Book Out For Christmas
After the original novella, the box set album, the planned movie and the various live performances, we finally get the photo-manipulated adaptation of Alan Moore's Unearthing by Mitch Jenkins. Top Shelf Productions and Knockabout Comics are publishing three versions of the book. A signed and numbered edition limited to 300 copies which can be preordered directly today[...]
Alan Moore's Jerusalem And New League For 2013
There's a softcover version of the book included in Unearthing box set with photographer Mitch Jenkins reinterpreting Alan Moore's novella about the life of Steve Moore A new printing for Lost Girls A new League book, Nemo – Heart Of Ice starring Pirate Jenny A From Hell Companion by Eddie Campbell. But it is likely that Jerusalem[...]