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'Gotham' Season 5 Teases Appearance of Greatest Bat Villain Ever! [PREVIEW]
We're going to get a little emotional here. At long last… After four-and-a-half long seasons of campy penguins… Vamping Jeremiahs… Stoic Freezes… And ponderous Riddlers… Finally, FOX's Gotham finally brings us the greatest villain in Batman's long and storied Gallery of Rogues: Bat-fans and Gothamaniacs, we proudly present to you… Credit: Gotham/FOX The Ventriloquist! Wait… he looks an awful lot like Mr[...]
But the villain I'd like to see them do is the Ventriloquist. The character of Arnold Wesker and his puppet Scarface first appeared in Detective Comics #583 (1988) from creators Alan Grant, John Wagner and Norm Breyfogle And unlike most of Batman's rogues, Wesker is meek and unwilling while his dummy calls the shots As a[...]
Blame It On The Parents – Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Villains Month Comics, Darkseid, Desaad, Cyborg Superman, Bizarro, Joker, Creeper, Two-Face, Grodd, Count Vertigo, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Relic And Ventriloquist
The book abandons the traumatic experience as justification for the supervillain or the superhero, wanting to look deeper, blame a psychological condition. To that end, Ventriloquist #1 is possibly the most interesting of the books this week, in the way that it escapes the trope It straddles the storyline of a dark, lightless Gotham, and the[...]
DC Villains Month Standard Covers Will Be Returnable – But They Must Start Being Ordered Today
But each store's experience has varied so much… SUPERMAN #23.2 BRAINIAC 100% 9/11/2013 FLASH #23.1 GRODD 91% 9/4/2013 FLASH #23.2 REVERSE FLASH 83% 9/11/2013 GREEN ARROW #23.1 COUNT VERTIGO 80% 9/4/2013 BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #23.1 VENTRILOQUIST 66% 9/4/2013 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #23.1 CREEPER 20% 9/4/2013 SUPERMAN #23.1 BIZARRO 100% 9/4/2013 ACTION COMICS #23.4 METALLO 90% 9/25/2013 SUPERMAN #23.4 PARASITE 100% 9/25/2013 SWAMP THING #23.1[...]
Is This The First Supervillain Whose Origin Is In A Talent Show?
Reality shows have been used in comics from Civil War to Amrica's Got Powers, but I think this is the first time they've actually inspired someone to acts of supervillainy. Welcome to the new Ventriloquist in Batgirl #20 Simon Cowell? Piers Morgan? She's coming for you… Batgirl #20 is published today Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who[...]
A New Female Ventriloquist For Batgirl
I honestly had forgoten about it. At ECCC, Gail Simone just announced that The Ventriloquist will return to the New 52 in Batgirl And this time she's female Here's the cover for issue 20… Ethan Van Sciver also talked about giving Bruce Wayne a life changing moment that DC Comics almost didn't let them go with… James Robinson[...]