Marvel Hints That The Punisher Is Coming To Weirdworld

In CBR's regularly PR-arranged interview with Marvel's EIC Axel Alonso, he gave this response to a question about the scope of the new Weirdworld series. To fans, I'd say: Weirdworld is here to stay It's an essential component of the Marvel Universe Anyone that's been jonesing for the type of dark fantasy that was pioneered by[...]

Speculation Corner: Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior

You'll pay two bucks an issue on eBay for the comics in decent nick.But the previews of Weirdworld #2 may change that Writer Jason Aaron posted on Instagram "The weirdness that is my Weirdworld research pile."Issue 2 solicits read, Or like his cellmate, a mysterious one-eyed man who appears to be made out of rock and calls[...]

The Latest On Secret Wars Lateness

And Thors #3 is one week late from 26th August to 2nd September.Infinity Gauntlet #4 has now slipped two weeks from 26th August to 9th September.Weirdworld #3 already three weeks late is now four weeks late, scheduled for 26th August, joining Weirdworld #2, and Weirdworld #4 is now also four weeks late, slipping from 26th[...]

How Secret Wars-y Are Today's Secret Wars Crossovers? Part III

Could this be the Karnak that survives the Secret War?Also in a cartgraphical fashion, Weirdworld #1, kicking off this week seems to have little to do with the Battleworld - so far But we do get Doom epithets, a Baron and wa map to the place... Could this come into play across the Battleworld? And[...]

The Strangest Domain Of Them All – Secret Wars: Weirdworld

We have another new Battleworld for the upcoming Secret Wars event, Weirdworld #1 This series will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mike Del Mundo and its being called "the strangest domain of all". It is a world of swords, sorcery and all things bizarre A land of gods and monsters Where perverted science[...]