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We're The Millers — The Bleeding Cool Review
So it's something of a miracle that We're The Millers manages to come up with some fresh gags in the popular 'losers who are out of their depth in the drugs trade pretending to be married on a road trip' genre.   Jason Sudekis is the prime mover in the story, recruiting a stripper, a neglected teenager[...]
Jason Sudeikis And Jennifer Aniston Introduce This New Red Band Trailer For We're The Millers
The marketing push for We're The Millers seems to be somewhat focused on Jennifer Anniston's role in the film Well, on one scene featuring Aniston in particular. See if you can guess which scene from the red band trailer, [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps7O3Z6uxxo[/youtube] Yeah, that scene The Warner Brothers Twitter account even used a picture of Aniston mid-strip to encourage people[...]