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All Out Dead: Welcome To Bleeding Cools The Walking Dead Live-Blog

All Out 'Dead': Welcome To Bleeding Cool's The Walking Dead Live-Blog!

And when the dust settles, there won’t be enough detergent in what’s left of the world to clean up this mess…So on that happy note, welcome to our live-blog!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4edwMvwlkU● This page should update…but just to be on the safe side I strongly suggest you refresh every now and then to make sure because I’ve been known to[...]

Gatecrash An Architect Visit To DC Comics' West Coast Offices

Okay, seriously now, I want Los Angeles-based Bleeding Cool readers to apply for this, take photos, and see if you can spot any of the folk from this article. The American Institute Of Architects are arranging a tour of the DC Entertainment offices in the Warner Bros Burbank lot at the end of the month. […]

Geoff Johns And His West Coast Super Friends

Geoff Johns And His West Coast Super Friends

Working on multimedia exploitation such as animation and live action, including  DC Nation, Young Justice, Brave & Bold, Smallville's final season (including another Geoff Johns' episode), the Sandman TV show and other not-yet-announced projects up and running for development (including a possible animated adaptation of Frank Miller's Dark Knight[...]

West Coast Comic Shops May Suffer Weather Delays On DC And Marvel Titles

I understand that huge snow storms in New York have caused truck delays this week for Diamond Comics Distributors. Most hit it seems so far are stores who are supplied by Diamond's Los Angeles warehouse, who have received invoices for next week that show almost all DC titles missing, and a reduction in Marvel titles. […]