Grant Morrison Puts Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batman Inc

In today's Batman Inc, we go to the future. One we've previously glimpsed in which The Joker takes his ultimate revenge on Batman. A real end times story for the book, and its a future which the current day Batman is tryingto avoid. But one of the character twists is exactly what has happened to […]

Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batgirl #4

Find reasons not to address it.But with DC's Batgirl-out-of-the-wheelchair, this comic seems to revel in rubbing the reader's nose in it To bring the issue up at every opportunity And to tease, repeatedly tease that Barbara gained the use of her legs by a "miracle" - and then only giving us the most meager of details, even[...]

Batgirl And The Legion Of Sadistic Disability Fetishists by Eric Glover

The fact that DC decided to “cripple the bitch”—yeah, someone actually said that—and crystallize it as canon was obviously a misogynistic low, but what the company decided to do next brought with it some redemptive highs: Ever since 1989, DC has poured massive effort into crafting the former Batgirl into[...]