Wondercon 2015

WonderCon '15 – What Do Image Creators Want From Sci-Fi? Canete, Tsuei, Van Lente, Bechko Weigh In

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Over this past weekend at Wondercon, Image Comics hosted a few panels that assembled creators by genre. In this particular panel, moderator David Brothers introduced science fiction comic book writers and artists that included Eric Canete (RunLoveKill), Jonathan Tsuei (RunLoveKill), Fred Van Lente (Howtoons: [RE]Ignition), and Corrina […]

H.P. Lovecraft's 125th Birthday Honored At WonderCon

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Aaron Vanek, founder of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon – San Pedro, led one of the last panels of WonderCon Sunday afternoon. Not a surprise, the room was packed to the gills. Joining Vanek were storyboard/comics artist Pete Von Sholly and writers Cody Goodfellows and […]

'Be A Fearless Writer' – Spotlight On Ed Brubaker At WonderCon '15

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent A couple of years ago, I came across Ed Brubaker when I asked one of my comic book retailer friends what should I be reading. He mentioned Saga, Mind MGMT and Ed Brubaker's Fatale, which was around issue 10 by the time I started reading the series. […]

WonderCon '15 – A Satisfying Alternative To SDCC? Plus Photogallery

It’s still a huge show with anywhere between 60,000-80,000 people, yet it’s within reach for the majority of comic book lovers to attend.WonderCon 2015 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center from April 3-5 The recent switch from the Bay Area to Anaheim is mostly positive and attendance numbers have hiked the past few years[...]

WonderCon '15 – Talking With Ed Luce About Wuvable Oaf From Fantagraphics

If you frequent comic conventions, there's a good chance you've spotted the iconic banner of the Wuvable Oaf at one point or another. The large hairy, naked wrestler wearing nothing more than pink underwear with a cat's face in front, his scary eyes glaring and taunting you to come over through shear intrigue and curiosity. […]

WonderCon '15 – Over 100 Shots Of Day 3 Including Artists Alley

For an Easter Sunday, WonderCon today was kicking. You might expect that the holiday would mean things were a bit more subdued, but if you've been to WonderCon before on an Easter Sunday, you know that locally it's kind of a tradition to bring the family to the convention in the afternoon. Panels were full […]

WonderCon '15 – Agent Carter, Batgirl, And The Making Of The Modern Super Heroine With Babs Tarr, Jose Molina, Cecil Castellucci, Sarah Kuhn, and Dr. Andrea Letamendi

The Making Of The Modern Super Heroine Panel with Babs Tarr, Jose Molina, Cecil Castellucci, Sarah Kuhn, and Dr. Andrea Letamendi rounded off Sunday afternoon at WonderCon this year. Molina, a TV writer, recently finished writing on Agent Carter. Castellucci writes young adult novels and recently did a Sensation Comics Wonderwoman story. Kuhn is writing […]

WonderCon '15 – Bathing Suits, Tights, And Burnside Fashion In Superhero Comics With Babs Tarr, Jake Wyatt, Brenden Fletcher, Kris Anka, And Kevin Wada

Fashion In Superhero Comics With Babs Tarr (Batgirl), started a little early on Sunday morning following our Saturday nights out at WonderCon, but with everyone caffeinated, we were joined by Jake Wyatt (Ms. Marvel, Edge of Spider-Verse), Brenden Fletcher, Kris Anka (designed Storm), Kevin Wada (She-Hulk, Catwoman). Brenden Fletcher called the con "Babscon" to applause […]

WonderCon '15 – Jamal Igle Talks Molly Danger Book 2, Sensation Comics

After successfully funding his comic creation Molly Danger Book 1 on Kickstarter back in 2012, Jamal Igle is ready to do it again with Book 2 this April. Not only is he one of the best illustrators in the business, but he's also the Marketing Director for Action Lab Entertainment. Juggling so many hats as […]

WonderCon '15 – 80 Shots Of Day 2 Festivities

Saturday was a lively day–things occasionally got a bit crowded, but there was very little of the frustrating bottle-neck effect you get at some conventions because WonderCon seems to know very well how to use their space and it's not yet constraining for them. Staff were helpful, panels ran smoothly, and the upbeat attitude I've […]

WonderCon '15 – 80 Opening Shots Of The Show

It was a hot, sunny day on Friday for the opening of Easter weekend's WonderCon 2015 Spirits were high, cosplay was abundant, comic creators were signing away and panels were gearing up An auspicious start for the convention, and the happy crowds lounging around outside afterward probably contained a large number who will be returning[...]

WonderCon '15 – Your Comics In Hollywood – The Boom! Studios From Page To Screen Panel With Ross Richie, Stephen Christy, Borys Kit, And Matt Sugarman

Ross Richie (Publisher of Boom! Studios), Borys Kit, Matt Sugarman (an attorney and legal expert), and Stephen Christy (President of Development for Boom! Studios) took the stage on Friday, the opening day of WonderCon, to talk about the "intertwining" relationship of movies and comics. There are many things creators need to know since it's not […]