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Xbox One X logo
During XO18 today, Microsoft announced that the company would finally be including the feature into several titles, of which we have them listed below The most prominent on the list that will raise some eyebrows is Fortnite, and if you talk to any PC gamers for more than 30 seconds on the subject, they'll tell[...]
Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer
The trailer was shown at XO18 and then shortly released online, it doesn't show a lot from the in-game action, but what you do see is pretty insane It appears four teams will battle it out at both sea fights and land grabs to find the most treasure We're pretty sure this will be the[...]
Crackdown 3 logo
Today at XO18, Microsoft and Sumo Digital released a pair of new trailers hyping the game, as it was confirmed today that it will FINALLY be released on February 15th, 2019 It will also come to the Xbox One Game Pass the day of release As of today, you can also pre-order the game digitally[...]
Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Brings Us Winnie The Pooh
Square Enix brought a brand new Kingdom Hearts III trailer to XO18 this year, and this one features some friends from the Hundred Acre Wood This time around we get a look at the world of Winnie The Pooh, along with all of his friends, joining the game We also got to see Pirates of the[...]
Forza Horizon 4 Will Get An Expansion Before Year's End
Today during the Microsoft XO18 convention, Playground Games announced they would be adding a new expansion to Forza Horizon 4 The company made the reveal with a special video featuring the game's chief designer, Ben Thaker-Fell, who showed off some footage of the game going offshore and onto Fortune Island. credit//Playground Games The company also showed off some brand[...]
You Can Try Kingdom Hearts III at XO18 in November
In case you happen to be down in Mexico City next month for Microsoft's XO18 conference, you might get a chance to play Kingdom Hearts III The Xbox Mexico account made the announcement this week, letting fans know that there would be playable demos of the highly anticipated Square Enix sequel available to those who attend. ¿Eres[...]