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Sissy Star Emily De Margheriti on Film Social Media Cautionary Tale
Image courtesy of XYZ Films & Shudder What appealed to you about 'Sissy?' De Margheriti: What appealed to me about 'Sissy' was the nostalgia of my childhood with the glittery aesthetic and the time capsule it includes in the film It took me back to the themes of childhood bullying, mental health, and how it correlates with[...]
Hypochondriac Director Addison Heimann on Bringing His Story to Life
Image courtesy of XYZ Films Bleeding Cool: What's the inspiration behind Hypochondriac? Addison Heimann: The short version is [Hypochondriac] is based on my mental breakdown After an injury at work, I lost all function of my arms for six months, and "Dr Google" would tell me I was dying from ALS My mother left me a bunch[...]
Hypochondriac Star Zach Villa on Mental Health & Pottery in Thriller
Image courtesy of XYZ Films Bleeding Cool: What drew you to 'Hypochondriac'? Zach Villa:: I got it the old-fashioned way Auditions come my way, and some of them are amazing projects you just can't wait to do Others are more run-of-the-mill, and that's how your life goes as an actor When you get the chance to actually[...]
Hypochondriac: Paget Brewster on How Film Exceeded Her Expectations
When Paget Brewster was given the script for the indie psychological thriller Hypochondriac from XYZ Films, she had her initial misgivings Once the Criminal Minds star met writer and director Addison Heimann, he blew her away as far as any expectations for a first-time director Brewster plays Dr Sampson, a medical professional trying to treat[...]
Gatlopp Star Emmy Raver-Lampman on Film’s Creativity & Cast Bonding
Image courtesy of XYZ Films Bleeding Cool: What drew you to 'Gatlopp'? Emmy Raver-Lampman: I'm a big board game person, and 'Jumanji' was one of my favorite movies growing up [laughs] I also was really attracted to the relationship between these four friends I think the dynamics that are happening there when we first meet them and[...]
Huesera Review: Bone-Chilling Take On Pregnancy & Identity
Nightmarish visions and an unshakeable paranoia have her questioning what she wants, and an ancient evil spirit may be the cause." The film stars Alfonso Dosal as Valeria's husband, Raúl, and Natalia Solián as Valeria. Source: XYZ Films Huesera has an excellent cast, particularly with how it developed a springboard and foundational chemistry between Valeria and her husband Raúl[...]
Dual: Riley Stearns on Karen Gillan’s Roles & His Growth as Filmmaker
Image courtesy of RLJE Films and XYZ Films Inspiration Behind Dual "'Dual' for me was initially started with just the simple idea of wanting to see an actor act opposite themselves, but that ended up ballooning into this sort of more subtle science fiction film than it is today," Stearns said "I really just wanted to see[...]
Dual Star Beulah Koale on Creative Challenges in Sci-Fi Comedy
Image courtesy of RLJE Films and XYZ Films "What got me interested in 'Dual' was just working with Riley watching his past films and seeing his particular type of style," Koale said of the writer-director "I just wanted to just the work with him and to work with the genre that I'm not usually comfortable with,[...]
Ghosts of the Ozarks: Phil Morris on Film’s Challenges & Thomas Hobson
I spoke to the actor about his latest project, the revisionist supernatural thriller Ghost of the Ozarks for XYZ Films, the psychological challenges he faced, and the bond he had with co-star Thomas Hobson. Phil Morris in Ghosts of the Ozarks (2022) Image courtesy of XYZ Films The film, directed by Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long[...]
Horror Film Initiation Acquired By Saban Films, Coming Soon
XYZ Films will handle international distribution Deadline had the news earlier today. Initiation Poster Initiation Is A Social Media Thriller "Described as a slasher pic about a cruel social media game that spins out of control, Initiation sees Whiton University unravel on the night a star-athlete is murdered in the wake of a buried assault allegation, kicking off a spree[...]