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Zero Contact Star Aleks Paunovic on Challenges of Filming Over Zoom
Since the peak of the COVID pandemic in the spring of 2020, productions across the globe had to shut down, but that doesn't mean artists didn't find innovative ways to work their craft, as in the case of director Rick Dugdale and writer Cam Cannon in the Zoom-inspired film Zero Contact The film follows five[...]
Snowpiercer: Aleks Pauvonic on Boki’s Name Origins & Teases Season 4
While promoting his latest film Zero Contact, I had a chance to speak with Pauvonic about his larger absence in season three, the origins of his character name, and what's the future of his character. Aleks Paunovic in Snowpiercer Image courtesy of TNT / WarnerMedia "I was shooting the 'Hawkeye' series with Jeremy Renner during season three,[...]
Zero Contact Star Chris Brochu Talks Tackling Pandemic-Inspired Film
Some people have made the best of their situations during the COVID pandemic as productions globally shut down, but Rick Dugdale took it to another level in the film Zero Contact The first-time director has been pretty versatile in his over 20+ years in Hollywood from behind and in front of the camera and decided[...]
Zero Contact Star Chris Brochu Talks Tackling Pandemic-Inspired Film
While the COVID pandemic shut down productions worldwide, some like filmmaker Rick Dugdale used it as an inspiration behind the cyber-thriller Zero Contact The film follows a tech visionary Finlay Hart (Sir Anthony Hopkins), who made his fortune off global data mining Upon his passing, he tasks five remote agents, including his son Sam (Chris[...]