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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: A Life Spent

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season five episode 'A Life Spent'.



As the new season of Agents of SHIELD starts rolling, we have two basic storylines going on. Coulson, May, Mack, and YoYo deal with Grill and his crew, then there's Jemma dealing with Kasius and Daisy getting involved with that.

Following Coulson and the book he found in Virgil's quarters, he thinks the numbers that keep appearing are coordinates in space. There, new friend Tess gets Coulson and Mack onto a trawler being flown by May. While in space, they find a radio inside one of the cabinets and pick up a faint transmission. But Zev, Grill's right hand man, comes in just as they're listening and hits the button that magnetizes their metrics and sticks them to the hull. May, seeing this, flies into some debris, sending the untethered Zev flying. A fight ensues that ends with Mack knocking him cold.

Tess wants to dumps Zev into space, but the team says no, taking him back with them. They return to face punishment, which Tess tries to take, but YoYo saves the day by using her powers to plant a gun on Zev. A big-time no-no for humans. Grill has to turn Zev over to the Kree, who drop him off on Earth where he is immediately attacked by the alien roaches. How is this better than just dumping him in space?

Meanwhile, Daisy wants to get Jemma back and Deke tries to stop her, with no luck. Jemma is assigned by Kasius to help a young Inhuman figure out her powers. The girl can change her density from being super dense to intangible. Jemma tells her to think of her distance between her atoms and increasing and decreasing that distance. She doesn't get long before the girl is led away for her performance for Lady Basha. The girl is pitted against a big gladiator type who is beating her up pretty good until Jemma calls to the girl, reminding her of her lessons. She goes super dense, breaking the gladiator's arm, then phases intangible into his chest before becoming solid and killing him. Basha pays Kasius for the trained Inhuman. He then goes and sees that Deke has something for him. Deke betrays Daisy and traps her in a chamber with gas that knocks her out. He explains to Kasius that she is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.

You spend most of your life helping people and destroy one world… and they call you Destroyer of Worlds. I wasn't as thrilled as most about the two-episode premiere last week in that it was such a huge shift in the show, but at the same time did nothing but set up the new universe. Now we're starting to see what's going on, what the team might need to do, and I'm liking it more. The big mystery is who was the transmission from, and how do they know about the team (or the delegation, as they're referred to as)? I'm thinking that might have something to do with Fitz. I mean, how many episode can they go without him popping up somewhere?

Next week, Coulson and the team discover what their captors' true intentions are: destroying the station. And when you're already floating in space after your planet blew up, there aren't many places to escape to.

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