American Horror Story Stars Want This Ratched Actor Over in AHS ASAP

Even if you've only screened the trailer for series star/EP Sarah Paulson and EP Ryan Murphy's Netflix series Ratched, you know that the pseudo-prequel "remix" to Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest has a number of familiar faces to to fans of American Horror Story. Two names, in particular, come to mind: Finn Wittrock (American Crime Story, The Normal Heart) and Jon Jon Briones (American Crime Story)- both, as you can clearly see, also have experience in the "Murphy-verse" outside of AHS. But what about the other way around? During an interview with Collider, both were asked which Ratched actor they would like to see make their debut in FX/FX on Hulu's long-running horror anthology series- and let's just say they were pretty clear on who they want.

American Horror Story
A look at Ratched (Image: Netflix)

When you check out the clip below, you'll see what we mean when we say that the pair would love to see the amazing Judy Davis (Nurse Betsy Bucket) take a journey over on the really dark side. Davis is also no stranger to the "Murphy-verse," having played Hedda Hopper in 2017's Feud: Bette and Joan.- but more screen time with Paulson in the AHS world would make for some amazing viewing.

Previously, Murphy posted an image of sand dunes on a beach with the caption, "American Horror Story. Clue." Considering the imagery and the location of Provincetown, Massachusetts, being utilized for filming on the upcoming season, we're going with the story being based around (or including) the "Lady in the Dunes": the name was given to the body of an unidentified woman discovered in July 1974. Though efforts were made in 1980, 2000, and 2013, to learn the victim's true identity (as well as the identity of her killer) remains unknown. Then in late August, Murphy posted an image of a set of sharpened teeth with the news that production on the tenth season would begin in October. Could the set of sharpened jaws be teasing a water-based menace? Possibly killer mermaids?

While Murphy's show (and fans) will suffer temporarily, that wasn't his major concern: "So, yeah, I had four or five things that were impacted. That doesn't bother me. What I'm trying to do is make sure that my cast and crew hear from me and feel taken care of and know that there's someplace they can turn, because it's a dark time and a scary time for so many people. I just want to make sure all my people feel safe." Set to the tune of Orville Peck's Dead of Night, the cast reveal video above confirmed that AHS alums Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock will return. In addition, Home Alone alum Macaulay Culkin is set to join the franchise's universe for the first time.

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