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Animal Kingdom S06 Teaser: The Codys Return for a Final Run This June

Sundays this summer are about to get a whole lot hotter (and deadlier) when TNT's popular crime-drama Animal Kingdom brings back Deran (Jake Weary), Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), and J (Finn Cole) for one final run this June. But just when they think they've finally gotten their house in order to elevate the "family business" to new heights, a metaphorical "old ghost" and a literal dead body have returned from Pope's past to throw a whole lot of flies into the Codys' Vasoline (someone will get that reference). Where this will all lead is the biggest question looking over the season, with the following preview adding to the speculation- take a look.

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So with The Codys' set to make their final run starting Sunday, June 19, here's a look at an official teaser for TNT's Animal Kingdom:

In the final season of TNT's adrenaline-fueled family crime drama, the Cody boys discover that they can't outrun their past. With their empire expanding, a cold case investigation sets off a series of events that puts the entire family in jeopardy. Revenge, betrayal, and a reckoning with long forgotten violence leads to an explosive conclusion six seasons in the making.

While the questions surrounding how the series will wrap up its storylines will remain unanswered until the series returns this summer, Brett Weitz, General Manager, TNT, TBS, and truTV, wanted viewers to know that he's seen the series finale. And guess what? Well, we'll leave it to Weitz's own words, "I just saw the series finale of 'Animal Kingdom.' It's so brilliant, it's exactly the things we want to continue to do, just celebrating brilliant content." Here's a look at what else he had to share about the series finale in an interview with Deadline Hollywood, along with the possibility of spinoffs in the future.

Weitz Believes Viewers Will Find the Series Finale "Fulfilling": "John Wells directed it. I called him, and I said to him, this is one of the most brilliant pieces of television. I have a brother, my brother and I don't deal with those Cody boys. They're never done, but watching the emotional connection of these brothers and watching it come to an end, it was as fulfilling as you want it to be for a consumer."

Weitz Has His "Door Open" to Series Creator John Wells to Talk Spinoffs: "Sam Linsky and Adrienne O' Riain and I have said to John [Wells], we are here — John knows how much we love him and love working with him. In our jobs, you want to nudge the creators, you don't want to force them into a decision. So, when he's ready and he feels like there's a natural evolution to that show or spinoff, not only is my door open but there's probably a slot on the air for him to do that. He could do no wrong in my books."

Jasper Polish (Force of Nature), Darren Mann (Fortunate Son), Kevin Csolak (Boardwalk Empire), and Stevie Lynn Jones (Nancy Drew) are set to join the cast in recurring roles during what's expected to be a 2022 debut for the sixth and final season. Now here's a look at "who's who" during the show's final run, beginning with Polish's Julia- a beautiful, intelligent, and edgy. Although she's an excellent student, she's also the type of chick who sells tabs of LSD because she thinks it's cool. She's torn between loving and hating her mother, Smurf.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 will be its last. (Image: TNT)
Animal Kingdom Season 6 will be its last. (Image: TNT)

Csolak's Andrew is intense and struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness. He possesses a simmering rage but also instinctively searches for redemption as he struggles with his darkest impulses. He is completely devoted to Smurf, to his best friend Baz, and his twin sister Julia. Mann's Baz is a charismatic opportunist who will do whatever is necessary to ensure his own safety. He's not above pitting the other kids against each other in his effort to ingratiate himself with Smurf, who sees him more as a partner (personally and professionally) than as her adopted son. Stevie Lynn Jones' Penny is an intelligent, beautiful young woman in her early 20s. A rule breaker in her youth, she's trying to stay on the straight and narrow. She's stuck in a loveless marriage to a Marine- though she and she and J will become dangerously close.

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