Season 6

Meet the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race season 6, courtesy of Logo TV.

Drag Race Season 6 Re-Evaluates Itself: RuPaul Quaran-Stream Rewatch

Hieeee! Yes, I know it's another rewatch, but there's nothing else on to watch! Besides, we're only halfway through our rewatch of RuPaul's Drag Race, hunny. The sixth season of Drag Race is the one where the glitter really hits the fan and the queens throw all shade, all day. This season of course had […]

Pay the Piper

The Flash Showrunner Talks Unexpected Season 6 Finale, Teases Season 7

See, that's the problem with having to end your season early. The CW's The Flash suffered from the same fate that befell The Walking Dead: sticking fans with a cliffhanger that was never really meant to last longer than a week and now looks like it could last for months. Series showrunner Eric Wallace feels […]

The Flash 6x19 Sneak Peek "Success is Assured" (HD) Season 6 Episode 19 Sneak Peek Season Finale

The Flash Season 6 Finale Preview: Iris Changes Within The Mirrorverse

The CW's The Flash is rushing headlong into its sooner-than-expected sixth season finale "Success is Assured", which in a way increases the chances of there being an unexpectedly painful cliffhanger ten-fold. Think about it: when you know it's a planned season finale, there are certain expectations that come with it. You're expecting some high-end drama […]

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Season 6 Finale Preview: Can Barry Save Iris In Time?

After a season that saw thunderbolts of drama come crashing down both on-screen and off, The CW's The Flash is speeding its way toward its sooner-than-expected sixth finale, "Success is Assured". On the plus side, they head into the episode with Barry (Grant Gustin) having repaired his "Crisis"-damaged friendship with Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus) aka […]

The Flash 6x18 Sneak Peek "Pay the Piper" (HD) Season 6 Episode 18 Sneak Peek

The Flash Season 6 Pay the Piper Preview: Cisco's Going Solo This Time

Up to now, we've been concentrating on two things heading into this week's episode "Pay the Piper." Obviously, the big headline-grabber for this week's episode of The CW's The Flash is the return of Godspeed and learning more about the mystery surrounding him, her, and/or them. In addition, we're going to learn more "Crisis" backstory […]

Godspeed returns in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Season 6 Preview: To Stop Godspeed, Barry Must Pay the Piper

With The CW's The Flash down to the final two episodes of its abbreviated sixth season, "Pay the Piper" is looking to deliver on the promised series star Grant Gustin made late last month: Godspeed's back and viewers are going to learn more about the mystery surrounding the character. Thankfully, Barry has the reformed Hartley […]

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Season 5 Liberation Preview: Barry Wants The REAL Iris Back

Heading into this week's episode of The CW's The Flash, one long-running storyline from this season seems to be coming to its breaking point. Barry (Grant Gustin) knows that Mirror Iris (Candice Patton) isn't his Iris, who's having her own issues over on the mirror world side with Eva (Efrat Dor). But with his mentor […]

Grant Gustin is Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Star Grant Gustin Promises More Godspeed Mystery This Season

Barring any last-minute changes that wouldn't be too surprising at this point, The CW's The Flash is racing towards an abbreviated season with "Liberation," "Pay The Piper," and "Success is Assured" still to come. With fewer episodes and a mountain of questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved, fans are a little nervous that […]

Jimmy and Kim consider their future on Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC Studios.

Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk, Peter Gould on Season 6 Possibilities

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Better Call Saul definitely knows how to end a season, especially one that's heading into its final season. We're going to be hitting some major spoilers moving forward, so just a fair warning. After Nacho (Michael Mando) proved himself to Lalo (Tony Dalton), it looked like he was going to […]

Candice Patton is Iris in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.

The Flash Preview: Rag Doll Prepares to Strike As Barry's Powers Fade

The CW's The Flash heads back to our screens this week with "So Long and Goodnight," the beginning of the end-run for the pandemic-shortened sixth season (with next episode "Liberation" set for next week, and the finale set for May 12). Which means it's time for Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton), and the rest […]

Tom Ellis is Lucifer, courtesy of Netflix.

Lucifer Season 6 Stalled Over Tom Ellis, WBTV Negotiations: Report

Things were looking good for Lucifer fans heading into April. Reports were already circulating that Netflix wanted to bring the series back for a sixth season, followed by series co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson signed to new deals that made the prospects that much better. Then came reports that series lead Tom Ellis had […]

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer: End of the Line for Morgan

Fans of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead were understandably concerned when news started coming down that The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond were facing some series delays. For TWD, it means fans have to wait until later this year to know how the tenth season's Whisperers War wraps up (and how Lauren […]

The Flash | Season 6 Episode 16 | So Long And Goodnight Promo | The CW

Could This Be "So Long and Goodnight" for "The Flash"? [PREVIEW]

The CW's The Flash will be heading back to our screens with "So Long and Goodnight" on Tuesday, April 21 – the beginning of an end-run of the shortened season's final episodes (with the finale set for Tuesday, May 12). Though we might have a few more weeks left before Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice […]


"Empire" Ending Series Run Early Over Coronavirus-Related Shutdown

FOX's long-running Taraji P. Henson and Terrance DaShon Howard-starring hip hop drama Empire was already ending its run with its current sixth season – unfortunately, the growing coronavirus pandemic is pushing up that timetable considerably. The network revealed that the season's 18th episode – the last episode completed before production was shut down – will also […]


"Lucifer": Did We Just Get An Unofficial Season 6 Greenlight Confirmation?

Heading into the beginning of March, things were looking good for Lucifer fans. Reports were already circulating that Netflix wanted more, then series co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson were signed to new deals. Then came even bigger news: Tom Ellis had reportedly finalized a deal that would bring him back for a sixth season. As […]