Arrow Star Stephen Amell Shares "Gentle Reminder" from Arrowverse Days

Though not exactly lacking in the spotlight now that his well-received pro-wrestling drama Heels has premiered and is gaining strong buzz with each STARZ episode, Stephen Amell has apparently been thinking a lot about his days slinging arrows. Maybe it has to do with conventions having famous faces back so he's been running into folks like Colton Haynes. Maybe it has to do with all buzz building for the big five-part The Flash event "Armageddon" that's bringing back some folks & looking to make some major changes to the Arrowverse. Whatever the reason, the long-running series has been a topic that Amell hasn't avoided discussing; just last month, Amell offered some backstory for the reason he returned for the show's final seasons. This time around, Amell offered a personal reveal to make a point of the importance of moving on while not forgetting the past. "Been thinking a lot recently about 'Arrow' and the impact it had on my life. In order to move forward, I wanted to keep a gentle reminder," Amell wrote in his tweet, along with a look at an Arrow-honoring tattoo he has as that "gentle reminder."

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Here's a look at Amell's tweet from earlier today:

During his appearance on the Inside of You podcast with host Michael Rosenbaum in November 2020, Amell revealed that there was a time over that summer when production on Heels was riddled with huge question marks. But since Amell was already quarantining, wanting to work, and on stomping grounds that he got to know for eight seasons of Arrow, he decided to give Berlanti a call. Amell's pitch: he's already in the area and since The CW shows might be having issues getting American actors over the border, why not whip up another season of Arrow or at least keep it "on the radar" as Amell apparently asked Berlanti to do.

Heels Season 1 Episode 5 "Swerve": When the South Georgia State Fair shows interest in featuring the DWL at this year's fair, it's on Jack to close the deal with an electric night of matches. But chaos reigns as Bill, Ace, and Crystal each have their own ideas, none of which are in Jack's script.

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