Batwoman Releases New Big Bad-Heavy DC FanDome Season 3 Trailer

The fallout from those missing "Batman's villain trophies" continues with next week's episode The CW's Batwoman "Loose Tooth," with Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) taking on a new version of Killer Croc. In next week's chapter, OG Killer Croc Waylon Jones' tooth finds its way into the hands of a teenager named Stephen, who quickly becomes the kind of upgrade whose hunger and ferocity may even exceed that of his predecessor.

Batwoman — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Now here's a look at a preview of what's to come in a new Season 3 trailer (courtesy of DC FanDome 2021):

Now, Leslie and showrunner Caroline Dries are opening up to EW about The CW's Batwoman & all things "Croc"- here are some of the highlights:

On Filming with the New Killer Croc: "It was a lot of fun. They hired an actor who was huge in real life. He's like a really big guy, so we didn't have to fake anything with special effects. So, the stunts were fun and he was creepy. Special effects did such a good job with his makeup and mask. So, he was really scary-looking. It felt like one of those nostalgic episodes that is like 'Batman' meets 'Stranger Things.'" – Leslie

On How Science Makes Killer Croc Work & Helped Win Dries Over: "I was like, 'Eh… what is it like, a crocodile as a character on the show? I like it theory, but what is it in execution?' Once you mine it and mine it and find this core essence of it and you can apply science to it, even if it's 'schmience,' I can ground it in reality somehow and it'll make sense in my brain. So that's what we did with Killer Croc, and we understand that [it's a] mutation and it ultimately makes sense and comes from a very human place." – Dries

On a Personal Level, Batwoman & Killer Croc's Stories Connect: "In this Killer Croc episode, in particular, it's really this story about a dad who doesn't want to give up on his son. And in Ryan's story, she's going through learning that her birth mom gave up on her in the blink of an eye and it's kind of [about] her reconciling that with where she stands as Gotham's savior." – Dries

Batwoman Season 3 Episode 2 "Loose Tooth": A BITING CHANCE – When a new incarnation of Gotham's swamp slumming Killer Croc surfaces and starts racking up a body count, the inaugural team-up of Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is put to the test. But Alice isn't the only unwanted intrusion into Ryan's life when Jada Jet (Robin Givens) shows up at Wayne Enterprises, insisting on meeting the company's new CEO. Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary's (Nicole Kang) relationship is strained under the weight of a secret Luke is keeping, while Sophie (Meagan Tandy) finds herself becoming part of Ryan's inner circle. Jeff Hunt directed the episode written by Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux.

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