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Well, that's kinda what happens to The Outsiders in next week's Planetary-inspired comic, made up of Batwing, Batwoman and Drummer, in this week's issue Instead, rather than ending up inside of John Malkovich, they end up inside Batman. I mean, of course, they get separated But there's not just one Batman there There are all the[...]
The Batman: 2 New Posters and 20+ New High-Quality Images
Already available are the first three 80s-90s live-action Batman films from Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher, the first two live-action Christopher Reeve-starred Superman films, and several other live-action DC series in the Bat-universe including Birds of Prey, Batwoman, and Gotham, and the Superman-prequel series Krypton The releases will be released over time with Lois &[...]
DC Comics
But today's Doom Patrol does promise something in full James Bond teasing style… …before giving more of a Marvel Studios post-credit scene as the Candle Maker finds himself somewhere rather familiar, with polari banners flapping in the breeze under an apocalyptic sky. And finds someone most unexpected waiting for him. Most unexpected. Unstoppable Doom Patrol #7 Second series? Second series,[...]
Superman Battles the Atomic Skull with McFarlane Toys Exclusive 2-Pack
For the first time in the DC Multiverse line, Kate Kane aka Batwoman, has arrived and is ready for action Both Batman and Clayface seem to be very close rereleases with some slight modifications, but Batwoman is completely new The set will come with her Batarang, grapple gun, and her signature red colors on her[...]
Arrowverse Reunites for SAG-AFTRA/WGA: Routh, Lotz, Cassidy & More
While we will readily admit that there was a lot more to cover than we could reasonably do in 1-2 posts, we do have a look at what a number of members of the "Arrowverse" had to say about the importance of SAG-AFTRA & WGA and why it's important for the unions to stand up[...]
DC Confirms That's A Version of Planetary's Drummer in The Outsiders
With Kate Kane – Batwoman, and Luke Fox – Batwing, together with a third unnamed member. Bleeding Cool made the point that this seemed to be a "more empathetic version of Planetary" and that we seemed to have Luke Fox looking like Elijah Snow wearing the white suit, Kate Kane in her Batwoman suit but posing[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch
Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? The CW's The Flash, FX's American Horror Story, NBC's Saturday Night Live, FX's Alien, The CW's Superman & Lois, USA Network's WWE Monday Night Raw, Adult Swim, James Gunn/DCU, Amazon's The Boys/Gen V, FOX's 9-1-1, Disney+'s Ahsoka, Netflix's Monster, Amazon Freevee's Bosch: Legacy, Paramount Network's Yellowstone, BBC's[...]
Batwoman: Javicia Leslie on Arrowverse Legacy, Flash/Red Death & More
When Ruby Rose departed as Kate Kane as the original Batwoman on The CW series following one season, things could have easily gone south Rather than recast someone else as Kate initially, Javicia Leslie embraced the cape and cowl as Ryan Wilder for the remaining two seasons ending its run in 2022 Fortunately, that wasn't[...]
The Flash: Javicia Leslie on Batwoman Closure, Arrowverse Easter Egg
By the time the credits rolled on S09E05 "The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2," Batwoman fans got what they were hoping for After playing "Evil Ryan Wilder"/Red Death, Javicia Leslie returned as our Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, on The CW's Grant Gustin, Candice Patton & Danielle Panabaker-starring The Flash. And that meant Ryan teaming up[...]
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Okay, the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign has been turned off because it's now everywhere that Javicia Leslie made her official return to the Arrowverse in this week's S09E03 "Rogues of War." In the latest chapter of the ninth & final season of The CW's Grant Gustin, Candice Patton & Danielle Panabaker-starring The Flash, we learned that Leslie's Ryan[...]
the flash
Javicia Leslie (Batwoman), David Ramsey (John Diggle), and Showrunner Eric Wallace had to share about the Arrowverse series' past and present… and the future that could've been: Arrowverse Series Ending Run with 13-Episode Season 9 Danielle Panabaker Responds to Season 9/Series Finale News Grant Gustin Posts Heartfelt Video on Arrowverse Series End Grant Gustin Posts Training Vid, Not Happy[...]
All Rights Reserved. Joining Amell, Gustin, Patton & Panabaker for the final run is Javicia Leslie (Ryan Wilder/Batwoman), Nicole Maines (Nia Nal/Dreamer), Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West/Kid Flash), David Ramsey (John Diggle/Spartan), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork) Now, here's a look at the video that Amell posted earlier this afternoon (followed by a look back at Amell's previous[...]
Batwoman Gets a Samurai Upgrade with XM Studios Newest Statue
XM Studios is back at it once again as they take DC Comics fans back to Feudal Japan with their exclusive Batman Samurai Line is expanding once again as Batwoman joins the fight Kate is completely redesigned and features XM Studios' handcrafted design Each of these statues is individually hand-painted and is packed with next[...]
Detective Comics #233 (DC Comics, 1956), the first appearance of Batwoman (Kathy Kane).
Key comic book appearances of many of the women of DC Comics' Bat-franchise are gaining attention in the current market, and prominent among those is Batwoman (Kathy Kane) first appearance in Detective Comics #233 and there's a Detective Comics #233 CGC 6.0 Off-White Pages up for auction tonight at ComicConnect This issue's cover feature "The Batwoman"[...]
Star Trek, Batwoman/The Flash, Buffy, TWD & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
revealing that he's never seen an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Javicia Leslie bringing a whole ton of Batwoman vibes to The CW's The Flash, and ABC's Big Sky: Deadly Trails & The Rookie dropping some big episode overviews. Image: AMC Networks, Paramount+, The CW, Buffy the Vampire Slayer YouTube screencap BCTV Daily Dispatch: Star Trek:[...]
the flash
One bright, shining light of hope came in the form of set reports and now confirmation from the star herself that Javicia Leslie will be reprising Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, during the long-running series' final run Taking to social media, Leslie posted a message that seemed clearly aimed at the fans who've supported her and[...]
Superman Worries, The Flash/Batwoman Team & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes Candice Patton & Javicia Leslie showing us how to do a The Flash/Batwoman crossover properly, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty going off the meta charts with the opening to S06E07, The CW's Superman & Lois not getting good vibes from Warner Bros Discovery head David Zaslav, ABC's Big Sky:[...]
the flash
Like when Javicia Leslie (Batwoman) was first noticed on set filming by a lot of folks on social media, who made it a point of letting the universe know At that point, we could only see that Leslie appeared to be portraying Red Death After that, some of the bigger entertainment news sites confirmed her casting[...]
The Flash/Batwoman, Arcane, DC's Stargirl & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes Javicia Leslie dropping a ten-ton Batwoman tease for The CW's The Flash Season 9, Henry Cavill professing his love for Netflix & League of Legends' Arcane, Netflix sharing new Warrior Nun Season 2 images, and Brec Bassinger discussing what she knew & when she knew it about the ending[...]
the flash
And then we learned last month that Javicia Leslie (Batwoman) was returning to the Arrowverse for the show's final run, though details about Leslie portraying Red Death have not been announced or confirmed, so we wouldn't dare to speculate no matter what set images might show Now, it looks like Leslie has taken some time[...]
Arrowverse: Javicia Leslie Goes from DCU to MCU for "Stormy" Halloween
First, we had Javicia Leslie's impressive run as Ryan Wilder on The CW's still-painfully-missed Arrowverse series, Batwoman And then, about a week ago, rumblings surfaced and were confirmed by sources that Leslie has joined the cast of the ninth & final season of Grant Gustin, Candice Patton & Danielle Panabaker-starring The Flash in a role that has[...]
Auto Draft
Earlier today, we passed along the news that Jon Cor's Mark Blaine/Chillblaine had been upped to a series regular for the ninth and final season of The CW's Grant Gustin, Candice Patton & Danielle Panabaker-starring The Flash and dropped a ten-ton hint that Javicia Leslie (Batwoman) was returning to the Arrowverse in the role of Red Death[...]
Auto Draft
Promises were made that this would no longer happen – but were soon broken. JH Williams III, co-writer and artist on Batwoman, and artist on DC's upcoming Sandman: Overture has laid it all out in his blog about why he, and co-writer WH Blackman were leaving the book in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many[...]
While there are still quite a few question marks surrounding what the future holds for the Arrowverse and with dedicated fans still keeping the #SaveBatwoman campaign going on social media, the Javicia Leslie-starring series' swan song will be arriving on Blu-ray and DVD next week Stemming from Warner Bros Home Entertainment (WBHE) and arriving on[...]
That's why we wanted to remind you that the Arrowverse has been making some major news over the past three months, with Batwoman, Superman & Lois & DC's Legends of Tomorrow, DC's Stargirl, and The Flash all part of the big crossover event Earth-Prime. So what makes this DC Comics limited series different from your average[...]
To say that this year has been one of change for The CW's Arrowverse would be the kind of understatement made out of respect to the fans who lost their shows this year, the Caity Lotz-starring DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the Javicia Leslie-starring Batwoman, and the Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi Now with rumblings that some Arrowverse[...]
There was no way The CW was going to be able to get through today's Upfronts without addressing the "Red Wedding" mass cancellations over the past few weeks, especially for fans of the Javicia Leslie-starring Batwoman and the Caity Lotz-starring DC's Legends of Tomorrow As both fandoms continue their #SaveBatwoman and #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow campaigns, network head[...]
Star Trek, Doctor Who, SNL, Batwoman & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up of news, opinions & commentary for this morning: David Tennant & Catherine Tate return for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary celebrations, NBC's Saturday Night Live gave Selena Gomez a platform to impress, HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife feels like we've seen it somewhere before, Paramount+'s Star Trek: Picard EP teases that Season 3[...]
As fans of Batwoman continue their campaign to #SaveBatwoman, we've been seeing a lot of back-n-forth going on in the press through "sources" over who's to blame for a number of Arrowverse and other The CW shows getting axed One of the loudest (and if we're being totally honest, more annoying) sections of the show's[...]
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Now, Batwoman star and Jeffries' co-star in Something from Tiffany's, Javicia Leslie, has taken to Twitter to urge her fans to do for Jeffries what they did for her when she first joined The CW's Arrowverse series. Image: Disney+ "Hey, family!! I really need your help! My amazing co-star from 'Something from Tiffany's' (Leah Sava Jeffries) has[...]