Big E, Renee Paquette Nearly Convinced Wale to Try Fish on a Bagel

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E and former WWE presenter turned cookbook author and podcast host Renee Paquette joined forced on Twitter to convince rapper Wale to try smoked salmon on a bagel. Wale is a longtime fan of WWE and, in fact, provided the vocals for Big E's entrance music. But when it comes to taste in bagel toppings, the two are definitely not on the same page.

Big E, Renee Paquette Nearly Convinced Wale to Try Fish on a Bagel
Wale mediates a "rap battle" between The New Day and The Uso. Of course, like most WWE rap battles, there was no music, so it was really more like a poetry slam.

As Wale discussed the topic of bagel toppings on Twitter, a recurring theme was the rapper's disgust with smoked salmon or any kind of fish as a bagel topping. But Big E responded to one of Wale's tweets bashing the popular food to disagree, saying, "We're usually hand in glove on these matters but smoked salmon is a breakfast staple."

"Oh noooooo oh nooooo what's happening," Wale replied, shocked by Big E's secret love of the dish.

"The ackee n saltfish demo is cancelled," Wale continued. "Thank @WWEBigE. He threw me through the barbershop window."

"You're the villain and you don't even know it," Big E replied. "I rebuke your smoked salmon slander. Amen."

"If I should be so inebriated to try such a culinary catastrophe I hope that you will be close enough to reap the benefits," Wale fired back. "Preferably all over your finest garments."

That's when Renee Paquette chimed in, siding with Beg E. "I'm with E on this. However there's varying degrees of quality in smoked salmon. I want paper thin. Airing on the side of salty."

"Ok I was waitin on sis to chime in .. and she came in with sense," said Wale. "But still. No."

Big E, however, disagreed. "I can get jiggy to this. Thick and fatty if I'm eating it as sashimi or nigiri but thin on a bagel."

"Totally," agreed Paquette. "If it's cut too thick we're no longer in lox territory. Some plain cream cheese (or an herbed if you're feeling nasty) verrrrrrry thin red onion, tomato. Capers are case by case."

"Renee I'm gonna try it this week," said Wale, having an apparent change of heart. But he pointed out that said change was contingent and if Paquette is wrong, there will be consequences. "Our friendship depends on this. I just want all y'all to know I'm deleting my account and movin to Alaska if it don't work out."

"I'm a ne'er-do-well but Renee would never lead you astray," Big E encouraged. "Trust in her culinary guidance."

And so he did. Except… "I just tried to order one and my phone died…" said Wale. "Look at God.."

"Today isn't the day," said Paquette.

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