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WWE Breaking News: Roman Reigns Will Not Be At WWE Day 1 Tonight
I look forward to returning to action as soon as possible." With Roman Reigns out with COVID-19, tonight's main event match at WWE Day 1 will now be a Fatal 5-Way Match for the WWE title, courtesy of WWE. With the Roman Reigns news, WWE has been quick to answer the immediate question everyone will have: what[...]
WWE Day 1 Preview: Can Brock Lesnar Finally Dethrone Roman Reigns?
Then, prior to Zayn's match against Reigns, Brock took the challenger to Suplex City before hitting him with two F5s! Moments later, The Head of the Table emerged to easily defeat the war torn Sami and the rematch between Reigns and Lesnar was set in stone. Along with that match tonight at WWE Day 1 we will also see WWE[...]
WWE Appears To Have Lost Numerous Stars Due To Covid This Week
 The same can be said for the show they held in Tampa, Florida yesterday and while WWE always says "card is subject to change", it would appear that the company's roster is being hit hard by the current explosion of Covid-19 infections that has the entire world on edge. The previously advertised duel Main Event Matches[...]
kevin owens
 Not needing to worry about potentially relocating his home situation or dealing with a new company and reestablishing yourself to a new audience and all that comes with that is almost definitely a mind-easer for Owens and his family and that's ok!  I know some fans are going to whine and carry on online about[...]
Survivor Series: A Long And Pretty Lousy Episode Of Raw/SmackDown
 So how did WWE manage to sour a crowd in one of their hottest cities at one of their biggest events of the year?  Let's take a look. The Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event match at Survivor Series against WWE Champion Big E, courtesy of WWE. Let's begin this Monday morning quarterbacking of Survivor Series[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 We then see each of the Usos thrown violently from the entrance area onto the stage. Big E's music hits and the WWE Champion makes his way out, looking furious  He and Reigns start brawling on the ramp and Big E throws Reigns all around the ringside area, before getting him in the ring so he[...]
SmackDown Preview 11/19: Sasha Banks Seeks Revenge Against Shotzi
 Since the attack, we've seen an all-new vicious attitude out of Shotzi and Banks is looking to put her in her place tonight. Sasha Banks vs Shotzi tonight on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE. The grudge match between the two recent enemies is the only match announced for SmackDown tonight and here's what has to say about it: Several[...]
Big E cuts a promo on WWE Smackdown.
In completely unrelated news that has absolutely nothing to do with that, WWE Smackdown star Big E announced plans to cash in his Money in the Bank contract for a WWE Championship shot tonight on Raw WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is set to face Randy Orton in the main event of tonight's show, so Big[...]
Apollo Crews challenges Big E to a Nigerian Drum Fight for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania
As a result, Crews has challenged rival Big E to a "Nigerian Drum Fight" at WrestleMania Crews claims the match is an ancient tradition created by his ancestors, but a Google search reveals nothing but references to Crews' challenge itself, forcing us to assume that someone showed Vince McMahon the fight at the end of[...]
Match graphic for Big E vs. Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE WrestleMania.
Apollo Crews may now speak with a Nigerian accent, but otherwise the WWE Superstar appears to be trapped in some kind of neverending loop where he challenges Big E for the WWE Intercontinental Championship over and over and over again, and despite losing each time, continues to get new rematches In the latest news, Crews[...]
In a total mindf**k, Apollo Crews reveals he's had a thick Nigerian accent all along and was just faking not having an accent before on WWE Smackdown.
Apollo Crews will once again challenge Big E for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Fastlane later this month But unlike the last seven or eight times Apollo Crews faced Big E for the Intercontinental Championship, this time will be totally different Why? Because unlike other Apollo Crews, this Apollo Crews can speak with a Nigerian[...]
WWE 24: Big E will debut on the WWE Network on Sunday.
WWE has set a premiere date for the documentary about Smackdown star and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E WWE 24: Big E will premiere on the WWE Network next Sunday, exploring Big E's life story and his rise to WWE Superstardom The episode will be available to stream starting at 10AM Eastern Time on demand[...]
Big E complains of WWE's boring and repetitive booking in a backstage shoot interview, comrades!
I have much sadder news to report: WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E is sick and tired of WWE's glacial booking that causes him to face the same opponent over and over again for months at a time. Big E complains of WWE's boring and repetitive booking in a backstage shoot interview, comrades! Big E revealed his thoughts[...]
Big E, Renee Paquette Nearly Convinced Wale to Try Fish on a Bagel
WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E and former WWE presenter turned cookbook author and podcast host Renee Paquette joined forced on Twitter to convince rapper Wale to try smoked salmon on a bagel Wale is a longtime fan of WWE and, in fact, provided the vocals for Big E's entrance music But when it comes to[...]
WWE's The new Day Will Be Added To Gears 5 As Characters
The news came down from Xavier Woods himself on his Twitter feed that he, Kofi Kingston, and Big E would all be added as a group The gear they're wearing, while totally in line with the game, is decorated out like their in-ring attire so they match Neither Woods nor the developers released any info[...]