Bob's Burgers Returns September 27th and More from the SDCC Panel

It's been a long summer without classic comfort cartoon Bob's Burgers, but fear not! No SDCC would be complete without shenanigans and clips from the cast and crew of the wholesome FOX animated show. Show creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard hosted a fun and fan-driven panel with fellow producers Nora Smith and Janelle Momary and the cast including John Roberts, Eugene Mirman, and Larry Murphy.

Bob's Burgers SDCC Panel
Bob's Burgers SDCC

The cast and crew are delightful and they are please as punch to announce that they have clips of new episodes and of course, new episodes! Yes, they are still in production, being an animated show that can do so safely. The cast has been recording at home and true to character, H John Benjamin misses nobody, Kristen Schaal misses everybody, and Dan Mintz just hates having to stand in a closet with a bunch of coats in order to record his lines.

The new season is coming at you September 27 (thanks to Janelle for coming through with that crucial info) with the first episode, "Dream a little Bob of Bob", "Worms of en-rearment" and this year's Halloween episode is about the creepy hotel at the end of the street and the next episode is the very special musical 200th episode, "Bob Belcher and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Kids". Loren goes through a bunch of the fall episodes and gives out titles like they're Halloween candy.

True to the animated revolution, the show has listened to criticism and hired lots of actual women to play female characters. Loren lists all the female-voiced they hired and makes it a point to say that the Bob's and Bento Box creative team does prioritize hiring and listening to women, especially in the animation industry that is dominated by a bunch of white guys.

The clips they showed are delightful and it gives me a hilarious bright spot to look forward to this fall. Because if current events keep on the same trajectory, we will for sure need a ray of sunshine in the back half of 2020. Besides, there's a Bob's Burgers movie coming out…at some point!

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