Brock Lesnar Opens Up About How His Life Has Been Going To Pat McAfee

As much as some things about Brock Lesnar in WWE always stay the same, this current run of his in the company has been notably different.  For the first time in 20 years, we've finally gotten a Lesnar who is actively presenting a personality on top of just being a destructive single-minded monster.  He's been fun, humorous, charismatic, and most of all, genuinely entertaining and not just as WWE's resident Godzilla, but as a character who now speaks for himself and has an engaging personality to go with it.  It's a new side of Lesnar we're seeing and he furthered that this week in a rare, in-depth live interview.

Brock Lesnar Opens Up About His Life And Career To Pat McAfee
WWE superstar Brock Lesnar with Pat McAfee on today's Pat McAfee Show. Image: Screencap.

Appearing live for an in-studio interview with host and fellow WWE personality Pat McAfee on the Pat McAfee Show, Royal Rumble winner Brock Lesnar covered his life and career in a wide-ranging interview that saw the notoriously reclusive star open up in a way we've never quite seen before.

Pat McAfee asked Brock Lesnar early on if he knew immediately that a WWE career was for him and Lesnar explained how that wasn't the case and he didn't grow up a wrestling fan.  "No, I had no idea.  I started wrestling when I was five years old.  I grew up in Webster, South Dakota on a dairy farm and wrestling was just a passion.  We didn't watch TV.  We worked and tried to make a living."

He continued explaining that it wasn't until college that he really discovered pro-wrestling.  "I did not watch professional wrestling until I got to college.  And then it was on in the dorms.  Monday Night Raw was on and Monday Nitro and all of that was going on.  I would watch it for a little bit and then I got recruited to the University of Minnesota and I was there wrestling and next thing I know, I was getting phone calls from the WWE."

He was also asked about his life away from wrestling, where he lives pretty remotely with his family on a farm up in Saskatchewan, Canada.  "I grew up as a farm kid, dirt poor.  You know what?  I'm gonna give a good crack at this farming thing now that I've got some money."  He explained that it's not just a hobby, but how his family spends all of their days and it is a functioning business for them.  "That's what I do.  I have a full-time functioning farm.  We farm small grains, 5,000 acres.  I have great employees."

Brock Lesnar also explained that despite being a star for so long, he's still not that comfortable around people.  "I have a total crash after being in front of audiences.  The anxiety from all of that takes me a few days to recover.  I get nervous around crowds.  I'm awkward as f–k."

It was a very expository interview where Lesnar really let his guard down a bit and just spoke his mind.  He was funny and human throughout and I think fans would really like to see more of this from him and learn more about the man beneath the beast.

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