Dave Bautista to Donald Trump: You're Fired!

WWE wrestler and Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista stole a catchphrase shared by fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump and Trump's friend, and Bautista's former boss, Vince McMahon, when he addressed the president in his latest shoot promo on Twitter. "You're fired," Bautista told Trump, part of a promo where Bautista shoots on Trump's home stretch efforts in campaigning to win the big Election PPV in November.

WWE Star Dave Bautista is outspoken about his dislike of Donald Trump.
WWE Star Dave Bautista is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump.

"Jesus fucking Christ do you ever stop whining?!!! Somebody get him a damn Happy Meal or something!" Bautista tweeted in response to a tweet from Trump complaining about media bias. When Trump continued by complaining about Fox News allowing negative ads about him, Bautista added, "You're really just not the brightest guy are you?!"

To many, Dave Bautista tweeting about Donald Trump would be news akin to "the sky is blue" or "water is wet." Bautista tweets endlessly about Trump, every day, sometimes dozens of times per day. But here at Bleeding Cool, we view reporting on Dave Bautista's tweets as our civic duty. Plus, Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Booth has threatened to throw scalding hot water in my face if I don't produce more articles about Bautista's tweets, and frankly, I know that she means it. [Editor's Note: I've recently rediscovered that hot apple cider freaking rules and it requires hot water.] 

Responding to a Trump claim that Michigan is still on lockdown even though it isn't, Bautista said, "Among the million other lies he's told his flock w/o accountability. He directs them where to get their news so they never question anything he says. We know he's going to say whatever he wants and his supporters will believe him. We know this! All we can do now is #vote."

Bautista also fired back at a tweet featuring a video of a Trump rally, saying, "Only the small crowds of idiots willing to sit through your bad comedy routines are buying your shit anymore Biff. Americans are voting by the millions. You're exposed. You can't lie your way out of it. There's too many dead Americans. You're fired. #TrumpIsALaughingStock #VOTE"

Clearly, Dave Bautista is feeling optimistic about Election, but there's still some things that can get him down. He tweeted, "And now he's not only using Air Force one (and the White House) to campaign! He's also not chipping in on the federal taxes to pay for them. That's just fucking great. #BidenHarris2020"

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