Dave Bautista vs. Stephen Amell on Twitter as Everything Crosses Over With Everything Else

Last night saw the full-fledged return of Dave Bautista to WWE Monday Night Raw in a segment that will live in pro wrestling infamy, as the Guardians of the Galaxy star delivered a promo which consisted of nothing but a nonstop string of future memes, telling rival Triple H, "GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" and "YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT!" and "I'M IN CONTROL, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" while spewing gallons of saliva from his mouth onto the microphone.

And since this is wrasslin', it worked perfectly. The promo was the undeniable highlight of Raw, and we've personally rewatched it five times this morning.

But one person who had some concerns about the segment, which resulted in a No Holds Barred match set for WrestleMania between Bautista and Triple H which Bautista said would be his final match, and threatened would be Triple H's as well, is Arrow star Stephen Amell.

How hypocritical of Amell, who has himself participated in numerous celebrity angles in WWE and elsewhere thanks to his friendship with AEW co-founder Cody Rhodes., with the most recent being a match at All In, the prequel event to the formation of AEW put on by Rhodes and the Young Bucks. Either that, or he was joking. Nevertheless, unlike Ronda Rousey or Triple H, Bautista refused to drop kayfabe and participate in this smarky sarcasm, instead responding:

The only question we have is: is this a crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC TV, or is it a crossover between WWE and AEW? Exciting times we live in, folks.

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