Elon Musk, Kanye West & Donald Trump: World's Worst Boy Band Begins?

Once you're okay with letting a POTUS get away with spreading misinformation & insults while promoting the overturning of a legal election & inciting a mob to attack the U.S. Capitol as he enjoys the support of white supremacists & tinfoil hat-rockin' conspiracy whackjobs by letting him back on Twitter, you're sending a message. And what that message screams is that you're painfully lacking in even the basic foundations of being what would pass as a decent human being. Well, Elon Musk doubled down on that Donald Trump-reinstating message on Sunday by rewarding failed Adidas businessman and social media's "Father of the Year," Kanye West, with his Twitter account back. Along with a steady stream of attacks on his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and his family (and Pete Davidson & others), West was peddling antisemitism and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories that culminated in West being locked out from his Twitter account (along with his Instagram account) back at the beginning of October (with an October 8th tweet that read, "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE," deemed in violation of the social media platform's rules & guidelines regarding conduct).

Elon Musk, Kanye West & Donald Trump: World's Worst Boy Band Begins?
Image: SNL Screencaps

And that's when we realized what Musk might be trying to do. Maybe we're off the mark here, but doesn't this have the makings of Musk looking to put together his own boy band? Let me know what you think the band's name should be and some of their "hit singles" in the comments section below- and here's a look at West's tweet from earlier today… not let the countdown until he's gone again begin!

Our Thoughts on Elon Musk's Little Trump/Twitter Dance

Heading into the weekend, Musk appeared to be enjoying the growing hysteria over the idea that Twitter could shut down at any moment and what it was doing for traffic. But then, on November 18th, Musk unveiled probably his biggest joke yet.

Elon Musk, Kanye West & Donald Trump: World's Worst Boy Band Begins?
Image: SNL Screencaps

He put to a vote whether or not the impeached loser of the 2020 election who incited a mob of idiots to storm the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overthrow a presidential election (and kill members of Congress along the way) because they're sore losers who spend most of their time doing backstrokes in the shallow end of the gene pool should be allowed back on Twitter. Because everything that's listed above and the fact that Donald Trump is a cesspool of misinformation isn't enough to just keep him off. No, Musk has to turn into something that's all about him.

Image: Twitter Screencap

And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, for me? The only way Trump wasn't getting reinstated was the vote hitting 95% against it (and there's enough shady shit going on with social media to guarantee that would never happen). So Musk's poll (which carries with it all of the scientific accuracies of taking a Buzzfeed quiz at 3 am when you're high on some new stuff your guy just got in) pretty much wrapped at 51/49 in favor of Trump being allowed back on. Well, that was all Musk needed to hear as he took to Twitter to announce the news as if it came with a mandate from the people. But if any of you thought there was ever going to be a different outcome… that 51/49 against Trump would've ever been respected? Well, I've got a social media I want to sell you on the cheap. Great up-and-comer, and it's a steal at only $44 billion…

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