Good Eats: Reloaded Offers Two Scoops of BTS Alton Brown Goodness

If you've been following Bleeding Cool's resident food competition show critic Margo Staten's review of Alton Brown's turn as "anti-mentor" on Worst Cooks in America, then you know food's ultimate academician ran a gamut of emotions over the course of the competition. Well, to be fair? Brown pretty much ran the competitors through the emotional meat grinder, while the man himself pretty much maintained two general feelings: disdain that eventually gave way to acceptance. We're guessing much of it has to do with Brown missing his old home, the ground-breaking Good Eats. While the food expert has returned for new episodes with the appropriately-named Good Eats: The Return (the first since the show ended its run in 2012), he's also been revisiting the original series with Good Eats: Reloaded.

Alton Brown revisits his past with Good Eats: Reloaded, courtesy of Cooking Channel.
Alton Brown revisits his past with Good Eats: Reloaded, courtesy of Cooking Channel.

Set to return for its second season starting Monday, April 13, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Cooking Channel (with episodes also streaming on Cooking Channel GO as well as on-demand), Reloaded first aired in 2018 and served as a new "introduction" to the original series prior to The Return. With Brown, you have to expect that Reloaded would be more than just a clip shows or "Best of" run. Looking back over the series' 14-season run, Brown selects segments that allow him to either redo, comment on or update his "best practices" to match the changing times and the culinary world. So with a day to go before the second-season premiere, why not sit back, relax, and enjoy some great behind-the-scenes moments that went into the making of the series' return.

For Alton Brown, the opportunity to go back and update amateur chefs on the best ways to approach his recipes as well as mock his younger self in the process was too much for him to pass up: "Turns out everything old is new again…or at least Good Eats is. These classic episodes have received the full 'reload' treatment so they're repaired, renovated, remodeled and well…better." Some episodes that will be getting the upgrade include: "The Egg Files" (s01e03), which will feature new recipes for fried, scrambled, and boiled eggs; "True Brew" (s02e07), which offers modern takes on coffee roasting, grinding, and brewing; and "Raising the Steaks" (s07e07), which reexamines the budget top sirloin cut, best uses for a broiler and the pros/cons of flipping meat.

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