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Saturday Night Live
Earlier this week, NBC's Saturday Night Live (in conjunction with T-Mobile) shared a lineup of bloopers from the recently wrapped 49th season – and now, we have the second round for your viewing pleasure With the milestone Season 50 coming our way this fall, we're hoping to see a lot more of these behind-the-scenes looks over[...]
Saturday Night Live
For now, at least we have videos like these to help make the whole a bit easier – with the promise of at least a second part coming soon, SNL (in conjunction with T-Mobile) released a selection of bloopers from the season that just wrapped – which you can check out in the clip above. Image:[...]
the wheel of time
So with that many good vibes heading into the holiday season, what better way to relax, take a breather, and have a good laugh than with a Season 2 bloopers reel? Image: Prime Video Screencap Here's a look at some of the best moments to not be lost on the cutting room floor – with Rosamund Pike,[...]
Auto Draft
One of the clear signs that you know your show's a hit is by how quickly the fans start hitting up the creative team for bloopers – and fans of Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters' Gen V are no different But this is "The Boys" universe that we're talking about, people – you knew they were going[...]
always sunny
Thankfully, FX Networks has had our back by dropping some very cool compilation videos over the past few months – and that includes bloopers But not just any blooper reel – we're talking about a chance to see how The Gang takes those golden screw-ups and spins them into comedic magic – and now we[...]
always sunny
But our slow-encroaching madness is for your benefit as we follow up on today's earlier edition (the one with Batman and Robin – seriously) with a look at how Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito did during bloopers-wise when it came to the most recent season of FXX's It's Always Sunny[...]
always sunny
as much as we dig the blooper compilations that were released in the past, we have a warm place in our cold, cold hearts for the "Bloopers vs Actual Scene" series that FX Networks has been dropping Now, we have an updated rundown on what's been released so far (including three recent editions) – focusing[...]
always sunny
So to lighten things up a bit, we have a look at some prime bloopers from the 8th and 10th seasons – and how The Gang was able to pull it together when it mattered most. Image: FX Networks Screencap Here's a look at some prime Season 8 & 10 bloopers and how the scenes would actually[...]
always sunny
That's right, this week's edition of The Always Sunny Podcast finds The Podcast Gang offering some personal, behind-the-scenes perspectives on some of the best bloopers from FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia That's right, it's a deep dive into the best of the "worst" from McElhenney, Howerton, Day, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito More good[...]
the boys
But making noise over what? Why, bloopers, of course! On Friday, fans were given the heads-up that a blooper reel would drop on Monday Well, it's Monday… did you really think they weren't going to keep their promise? Image: Amazon So take a few minutes to treat yourself to some laughs to kick off your week with[...]
stranger things
With an introduction from Millie Bobby Brown, viewers had a chance to check out some of the light-hearted moments in between the season's major kicks to the feels. Image: Netflix Screencap Here's a look at the complete bloopers reel from the fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things… enjoy! "We thought Season 4 was going to be eight [episodes],[...]
umbrella academy
"But before we get to that conclusion, we've got an amazing story ahead for season four, one that will have fans on the edge of their seats until the final minutes." So for a look at the lighter side of time-hopping and universe-destroying, check out the following bloopers from Netflix's The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Now here's[...]
But this time, it's to check out those aspects of production that fans clamor for the most… the bloopers Well, never let it be said that the show doesn't listen to its fans because that's exactly what we have to pass along to you below. Image: Screencap So for a chance to see the cast & crew[...]
the boys
So that should be more than enough, right? Well, just in case it isn't then how about these two excellent bloopers showcasing Homelander (Antony Starr) and Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie)? We thought you would approve… Image: Screencap So for a look at Starr having some rooftop fun (minus the bee attack) and Minifie having a bit of[...]
Peacemaker: S01 Ep06 Review: Team Braces for All Out Pande-Mum-ium
But in the end, Gunn and the gang heard your cries and released… "The Official 'Peacemaker' Gag Reel." Image courtesy of Katie Yu / HBO Max So sit back, relax, and partake in whatever you choose to partake in to help get you into that weekend mindset and enjoy nearly ten minutes worth of bloopers, break-ups, blunders,[...]
Always Sunny
But for us, it's all about the bloopers and now we have a look at McElhenney, Howerton, Day, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito showing us that they can still be at their best even at their "worst" in the following look at some of the prime moments from the most recent season. Image: Screencaps But since we[...]
always sunny
And let's just say it was a fun pairing- especially the clip that was shared earlier today. Charlie Day & Kaitlin Olson's Awkward Love Scene _ CONAN on TBS 3-23 screenshot In the following clip (followed by an updated look at the show's bloopers), Conan asks Day and Olson what it was like filming their makeout scene[...]
Following that, a kick to your feels as the cast gathers together for a table read of the series pilot that is worth your time and attention on so many levels- especially when Ellis and Lauren German (Chloe Decker) swap lines. Image: Screencap In fact, check out a sample of that below before you get to the[...]
Auto Draft
Your journey to bloopers begins when this sentence ends: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sweet Tooth | Funny Bloopers | Netflix ( Now here's a look back at the official trailer for Netflix's Sweet Tooth, with the series currently streaming: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer | Netflix[...]
shadow and bone
So as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, Netflix released the one thing that avid fans are always demanding (we wish The Walking Dead would do more of these)- bloopers. Image: Netflix So for an approximately two-minute trip to the lighter side of things, check out the following blooper recap- with eight-episode series currently streaming on Netflix:[...]
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina _ Bloopers Part 3 - 4 _ Netflix 0-55 screenshot
The streaming service is hoping that the viewers have reached the point where they can reflect on the series with a hearty laugh- and what better way to do that than with bloopers. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Image: Netflix screencap) So for a look back at the best of the series' worst (but in all the best[...]
The Office released a video of bloopers, extra, auditions, and more. (Image: Peacock screencap)
But on Saturday, Peacock dropped a treasure chest filled with 15 minutes worth of deleted scenes, bloopers, and extras- all waiting for you below. The Office released a video of bloopers, extra, auditions, and more (Image: Peacock screencap) So what's on tap? How about a look at John Cho and Adam Scott auditioning for the role of[...]
The Witcher "6 Days of Witchmas" Day #4 (Image: screencap)
The third day offered viewers a sequel guidebook to the things that go bump in the night (and in the daylight) for all the budding witchers out there. The Witcher "6 Days of Witchmas" Day #4 (Image: screencap) Here's a look at how the results panned out, along with today's prize: a sampling of bloopers from the[...]
Supernatural released bloopers from the final season at the end of an event in support of voters rights (Image: screencap)
But it wasn't all just important and serious stuff- as viewers found out at the end of the event. Supernatural released bloopers from the final season at the end of an event in support of voters rights (Image: screencap) What follows is a gag reel that was screened immediately following the broadcast, offering the not-so-best-and-brightest-yet-still-hysterical that the[...]
The Boys - Season 2 Bloopers | Prime Video
Riding high off the critical and eyeball-success of the series' second season, The Boys showrunner/EP Eric Kripke and the team behind the Amazon Prime series are already looking to get back in front of the cameras for the third season in early 2021 (with EP Craig Rosenberg-directed "Payback" kicking off the new season), and Kripke and[...]
Supergirl Season 5 Bloopers: Big Bites, Drunk Lex, Lipstick & More
Yup, that's right: we've got some season bloopers. Supergirl — "The Bodyguard" — Image Number: SPG514a_0337r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC All rights reserved. So to see firsthand how our heroes fend off the dangers of taking[...]