stranger things

"Stranger Things" Unveils 3 Seasons' Worth of Bloopers [VIDEO]

A month after Netflix and The Duffer Bros. (Matt and Ross Duffer) made the inevitable official with the announcement that Stranger Things would be returning for a fourth season, fans started learning more about what the upcoming season holds for viewers (including reports of a casting call for four male characters). Which brought us to […]

Riverdale The Midnight Club Still 10

"Riverdale" Shares Its Lighter Side in SDCC 2019 Blooper Reel [VIDEO]

Let's be honest. Every year, Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) continues to grow – and what was once the pantheon for all things comics has become the place to be if you're a film or television series looking to make traction with an eager geek fanbase looking to rest their eyeballs on something worthy. Then […]

The Good Place

'The Good Place' Publicly Embarrasses Itself for Great Cause [VIDEO]

Good news, NBC's The Good Place fans! In fact, it's good news for fans of comedy overall – and people who love Ted Danson… or Kristen Bell… you know what? Let's just start over… Good news, humans! The Good Place has graced us with a season 3 blooper reel… and it's all in the name […]

'The Orville' S2 Gag Reel Goes About the Way You Think it Would

'The Orville' S2 Gag Reel Makes Us REALLY Want a 3rd Season

You can (but shouldn't) judge a show/film by the quality of it's blooper / gag reels. We kind of love this short reel from FOX series The Orville's second season, which really brings home the notion of what kind of ship Seth MacFarlane runs. Check out the gag reel: No word on whether or not FOX has […]

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13: The Gang Makes a Blooper Reel

The Gang re-examined their "team dynamic" and got their Dennis (Glenn Howerton) back. They confronted sexual harrassment head (and hands) on. They debated gender identity and bathroom signage. They found a way to alter reality and make Seinfeld cool again. They pulled together their South Philly mojo to help the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl. While some shows […]