'The Good Fight': Michael Sheen/Christine Baranski Penis Rumor Comes to A Head

In the interest of full disclosure – and if my memory's a little off, cut me some slack – but I'm not sure if I've ever written an article specifically about CBS All Access' legal drama The Good Fight. Nothing against it personally or professionally – just one of those shows that never made much of a blip on my programming radar.

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Never let it be said that Karma doesn't enjoy mixing things up a bit – and sometimes out of that mixing up, some very strange pop culture bedfellows arise. Case-in-point: a tweet from comedian/actress Sarah Silverman from March 2015 in which she revealed that her then-boyfriend actor Michael Sheen had proudly bestowed a name for his penis – a very specific and well-known one:

In the age of social media, it came as no suprise that (A) the internet blew it up and ran with it like it was its job; and (B) like a wild dog with its jaws locked on something, the internet hasn't let it go four years on. Which means the Emmy Award-winning Christine Baranski (Cybill, The Good Wife) has had to handle questions about the "honor" whether at a premiere or promoting a project on a talk show.

In fact, Barakski was asked about the subject on CBS' The Late Late Show with James Corden in April 2017:

"I don't know how I will ever meet that man and look him in the face."

Little did she know that a year later, she'd have to come up with an answer – and fast.

Sheen is joining the third season of CBS All Access' The Good Fight as corrupt lawyer Roland Blum – which means "The Meeting" was destined to happen. So how did it go? Thanks to the fine folks at EW and Baranski, we're finally getting the long and short of it:

"We embraced, and I looked him straight in the eye – I did not look anywhere else but his face. We had a huge embrace. I often said if I ever meet Michael Sheen I won't know where to look. It was very easy because I was greeting him as a colleague and he was in court about to shoot a scene and I wasn't working that day."

While that was a great way to ease any tension, it was during the first scene her character Diane Lockhart had with Sheen's Blum where the "greatness" of "Christine Baranski" was finally handled:

"It's a scene where he's spinning tales and telling me that he knows about me and he's got my number and all of that. I'm having none of it, I call security to get him out. In the middle of shooting that scene, he looked at me and said, 'You know, I never said that about my penis. He said, 'It was Sarah, my then-girlfriend. And I said, 'It's fine. However I'm associated with you is an honor, Michael.'"

That said, The Good Fight fans should keep their eyes open for a "tongue-in-cheek" (not my choice of words) wink-wink-nudge-nudge to the pop culture urban legend during their first scene – one that should hopefully let "The Great Baranski" take its final bow.

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