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'The Good Fight': Michael Sheen/Christine Baranski Penis Rumor Comes to A Head

Which means the Emmy Award-winning Christine Baranski (Cybill, The Good Wife) has had to handle questions about the "honor" whether at a premiere or promoting a project on a talk show.In fact, Barakski was asked about the subject on CBS' The Late Late Show with James Corden in April 2017:“I don’t know how I will ever[...]

Craig Ferguson May Not Be Leaving Talk Shows, Just Late Night

According to reports, the exiting host of CBS's The Late Late Show may not be going too far Craig Ferguson is in talks to do a syndicated talk show for the Tribune stations that will not only be very similar to his existing show, but will even film in the same studio But the show[...]

James Corden Named Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show Successor

At the end of the year, when Craig Ferguson unplugs Geoff Peterson, sets the pantomime horse free and says what we learned on his last show… he will pass the torch of 12:30 AM on CBS to comedian/writer James Corden. Corden is best known for co-writing and starring in Gavin & Stacey, as the Doctor's […]

Martin Sheen Bringing Back Uncle Ben For Next Spider-Man Movie

It could be any kind of flashback, dream or vision.Or maybe Electro will give his corpse a jolt and Frankenstein-up a new villain for the series, Boil In The Bag Rice Man or something.See what I mean about how this just can't be considered a spoiler? There's nothing at all unexpected or contentious implied by[...]