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Why Hasn't Jimmy Kimmel Addressed His Own Blackface History?

Why Hasn't Jimmy Kimmel Addressed His Own Blackface History Yet?

Why hasn’t this garnered similar attention that Fallon’s SNL sketch did? In 2019, comedian Nick Cannon spoke to USA Today about the aforementioned sketches and included Sarah Silverman, who also performed in blackface for her comedy series The Sarah Silverman Program He posted on Instagram to call them out publicly Silverman apologized in an interview with[...]

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland looks back on his voice acting career (Image: GQ)

Justin Roiland On Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time & More

In the following clip, Roiland offers viewers some insight into his turns on Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, The Sarah Silverman Program, and (of course) Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites: he had promising news about the fifth season to share, it looks like Roiland is as much in the dark over how the next season[...]

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'Rick and Morty': Dan Harmon Teases Rob Schrab's Season 5 (!!!) Ideas

So what follows are just a few of the table-strewn ideas that flowed from the mind of comic book creator, actor, comedian, writer, and film/television producer Rob Schrab (Scud: The Disposable Assassin).Along with co-creating The Sarah Silverman Program and directing episodes of series such as Parks and Recreation and Workaholics, Rick and Morty fans best[...]

'The Good Fight': Michael Sheen/Christine Baranski Penis Rumor Comes to A Head

Case-in-point: a tweet from comedian/actress Sarah Silverman from March 2015 in which she revealed that her then-boyfriend actor Michael Sheen had proudly bestowed a name for his penis - a very specific and well-known one: the age of social media, it came as no suprise that (A) the internet blew it up and ran with[...]

Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Heartfelt, Sloppy Mess [Review]

There was genuine heart and a great message of friendship at the core of that film, and both Sarah Silverman and John C Reilly turned in stellar vocal work Along with some gorgeous animation, a sequel seemed inevitable It took awhile, but here we are.Ralph Breaks the Internet picks up with Ralph and Vanellope living[...]

Remembering Stan Lee, Migos' Carpool Karaoke, and Time Travel Sasquatch Adventures with Colbert (BC's Late-Night Rewind)

I'm entering at least five times, Veruca Salt-style ("You can' have it, it's mine!) Also, it supports charity, so that's good, too: Number 6: Sarah Silverman's Thanskgiving Gratitude for Donald Trump? Silverman finishes her first (filthy, offensive to some, provocative and challenging) season of her Hulu streaming show I Love You, America produced by Funny or[...]

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Trailer: Vanellope and Ralph Face Crossroads

Reilly) and Vanellope's (voice of Sarah Silverman) return to the big screen - this time with the second official trailer for the film From the looks of things, their internet mission is going to introduce Vanellope to a whole new world of possibilities beyond Sugar Rush - and force Ralph to face some changes he may[...]

Sarah Silverman In Deadpool Tells Roxxon To Get Out Of Her… What???

So Sarah Silverman gets recruited in as an activist And she has a slightly censored sign.Begins with V, ends in A.. clearly Sarah Silverman is concerned that gracking will affect her supply of vanilla ice cream.It probably helps that Deadpool is co-written by Brian Posehn who appeared and wrote on The Sarah Silverman Show...Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]

Trying To Explain Dan Harmon In New Trailer For Harmontown

The documentary includes an array of stars including Joel McHale, Sarah Silverman, Jack Black and Ken Jeong.For folks who are fans of the show Community or fans of seeing behind the Hollywood curtain, this might be for you In theaters and on VoD October 3rd.[youtube][/youtube] What type of person gets fired from a TV show[...]

Watch: Sarah Silverman's Failed Pilot Susan 313

Sarah Silverman's TV pilot, Susan 313, never made it to air but the studio who produced it, 20th Century Fox, have agreed for it to be put on YouTube for anyone to watch.Silverman stars in the central role and the supporting cast features Harris Wittels, June Diane Raphael, Tig Notaro and Jeff Goldblum.[youtube][/youtube]I'm a fan of Silverman[...]

Casting Roundup: Halle Berry Is The Latest Movie Star Heading For TV – UPDATED

[Deadline]• There's a new comedy pilot being put together over on HBO, it's called People in New Jersey, and it'll have the most random cast ever: Sarah Silverman, Topher Grace, Patti LuPone The younger actors are brother and sister, and LuPone will be their opinionated, widowed mother [Deadline]And here's your bonus: Willem Defoe has started[...]

When Bleeding Cool Met Sarah Silverman To Discuss Wreck-It Ralph

Here's my chat with Sarah Silverman about Wreck-It Ralph, the Disney videogame comedy that finally makes it to cinemas across the UK this weekend She plays the second lead of the film, young Vanellope Van Schweetz, kart racer with a glitch.[youtube][/youtube]As reflected here by Sarah, the typical narrative is that the animators base their work[...]

New UK Trailer For Wreck-It Ralph

I'm still working on a nice little Wreck-It Ralph story for you. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime, here's a new trailer cut for the UK – which appears to mean the UK like a little more story line, a few less video game cameos in their trailers. Definitely not cut for the UK […]

New TV Spot For Wreck-It Ralph Contains A Lot Of Gameplay Footage

The beginning of this promo for Wreck-It Ralph is lifted from the beginning of the movie, and shows a lot of Fix It Felix gameplay. Later, though, we get what amounts to snippets of Sugar Rush and Hero's Duty gameplay shots, revealing how those games play. And there is, of course, a generous handful of […]

More Wreck-It Ralph Images, Real Life Arcade Machine Tie-In Revealed

Her fiancé was eaten at the altar on their wedding day after she forgot to do a perimeter check.Sarah Silverman provides the voice of Vanellope von Schweetz of the Mario Kart-gone candy game, Sugar Rush Moore says: Sarah does the voice of a little kid as only Sarah could do. I bet.And here is the outside of[...]

The Different Worlds Of Disney's Video Game Mash-Up Movie, Wreck-It Ralph

Reilly, with Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix, Jane Lynch as a commander in the shoot 'em up Hero's Duty, and Sarah Silverman as a kart racer in Sugar Rush.One of my most keenly anticipated films of the year, Wreck-It Ralph will be with us in the Autumn I'll start piling up my quarters now.[...]

Our First Look At Wreck-It Ralph Himself – SORRY, He's Gone

Somehow seems more acceptable in this case that would normally be so.Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer and Sarah Silverman also have roles, with the latter pair playing Fix-It Felix and Vanellope von Schweetz.Wreck-It Ralph is due in US cinemas this November I fear that means a release in the UK next February, though we may get[...]