'The Good Fight': Michael Sheen/Christine Baranski Penis Rumor Comes to A Head

Case-in-point: a tweet from comedian/actress Sarah Silverman from March 2015 in which she revealed that her then-boyfriend actor Michael Sheen had proudly bestowed a name for his penis - a very specific and well-known one: the age of social media, it came as no suprise that (A) the internet blew it up and ran with[...]

The Legion Of Well Endowed Heroes

Well, if Archie Comics are doing it, why not the Legion Of Superheroes?  Take this fight scene with a certain physically malleable young lady.Going in for the kill there, she's got no leverage, what's she going to...Of course, grow a ten foot hinged barbed penis That will work Still, despite the fighting, at least he[...]

Diesel DC Boxer Shorts Licence Is Hilarious

So here's what's happening. There has been superhero underwear around for ages. You know, for kids. Then they started making them in larger sizes. For big kids. But they still looked the same. So what do you do if you want to wear superhero underwear but don't want it to look all kiddy? Is there […]

Wednesday Runaround – Who Will Kill Cock Robin?

CockWatch: From the solicited cover of Red Hood And The Outlaws #2. It'll never make it to print. ThorWatch: The cover to the San Diego Comic Con exclusive version of Walt Simonson's Thor: Artists Edition. Courtesy of Walt Simonson. BoothWatch: Com.X show off their booth livery for San Diego Comic Con. SongWatch: Gail Simone's Yellow […]

The Penis Taunt That Made A Man Out Of Archie

TMZ are reporting that Archie Comics Publications filed papers in New York yesterday against the co-Chief Executive Officer of Archie Comics, Nancy Silberkleit, accusing her of sexual harassment and bullying.This included a repeated verbal assault in the offices "allegedly pointing at employees and shouting 'PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS.'" The first time in 2009, then again[...]