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night court
When we reported back in December 2020 that Night Court star John Larroquette and The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch were looking to bring the court back in session, only one of them would be appearing in front of the camera of the NBC sequel series to the 1984-1992 sitcom But on Friday, Deadline Hollywood reported[...]
Chrissy's Court on Quibi
Having Chrissy Teigen serving as a judge on new reality-court series Chrissy's Court reads like a slam-dunk idea Beloved opinion-haver Tiegen gets to judge various squabbles, just like The People's Court or Judge Judy but instead of small claims court, these disputes come from a number of different directions A performer in a restaurant claims[...]
Judge Judy
Reminding the world for 25 years why humanity doesn't deserve a second chance, the long-time daytime host of her courtroom series is calling it quits The long-running court show Judge Judy will end its run in 2021, but Sheindlin is far from ready to retire – returning to television the following year with Judy Justice. CBS While[...]
BREAKING: Charges Against 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Dropped
Arrving to a Chicago courtroom early Tuesday morning for an emergency meeting, after which it was learned that all 16 felony counts were being dropped and that his "record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him." Smollett's legal representation issues the following statement: "Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were[...]
Hulu Creating "Grisham Universe" with The Rainmaker, Rogue Lawyer Series Adapts
In his first courtroom thriller since A Time To Kill, John Grisham tells the story of a young man barely out of law school who finds himself taking on one of the most powerful, corrupt, and ruthless companies in America — and exposing a complex, multibillion-dollar insurance scam. In hs final semester of law school Rudy[...]
In Court For Drawing A Cartoon Of The Pope
Which means the Pope portrayed wasn't this Pope, it was the last one. As a result, he has been sued by a Catholic association under French laws regarding incitement to hatred or religious discrimination, and will appear in court tomorrow. The cartoon, called "Paedophilia: The Pope Takes A Position" was published online on the cartoonist's site, and then[...]
Superman, Siegel And The Court Of Appeals
Court of Appeals yesterday heard arguments from Jerry Siegel's daughter, Laura Siegel Larson, over whether she can terminate agreements with DC Comics that have stood from 1938 The argument against is that DC states that Larson and her late mother made a new agreement with DC in 2006 which they are unable to contradict They[...]
Gary Friedrich Launches Appeal Over Ghost Rider Ownership
Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider, has filed his appeal against Marvel Comics after their court win over the ownership of the character The case concluded with an agreement that Gary Friedrich would have to pay Marvel $17,000 because he sold signed Ghost Rider work and represented himself as the creator of the character. The appeal[...]
The Batman That Caught A Predator
They would arrange to meet up with older men and then arrive, with a camera, dressed up as Batman or The Flash. You can see how that might go viral. Now it's gone to court Three local men, Andrew Karl Westerberg, 24,  Todd Michael Paice, 48, and Kevin Robert Gill, 36, have been charged with child luring as[...]
How To Get Out Of Jury Service – Create A Comic
That of going to school with him And last week, this was a pertinent point during a court case in Cleveland A member of the jury, Derf was asked if he knew any convicted criminals And he reportedly replied  "I had a close friend in high school who killed seventeen people." That was enough to get him[...]