Gotham Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: Queen Takes Knight

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham season four mid-season finale episode 'A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight'.


It's starting to become difficult to do these recaps for Gotham. I'm going to have to start treating it like a baseball game and take notes as I go along, because there are so many characters to keep track of. I think Lee Thompkins and Lucius Fox are the only two who didn't make an appearance this week.

Basically, what we learned this week is that Sofia is far more manipulative, conniving, and ruthless than she first appeared. She had things so planned out that it's kind of scary. It starts with her receiving a call and going to her father's house with Barbara, Tabby, and Selina. Carmine Falcone is back, and he's not happy. It seems Oswald called him, letting him know what his daughter was up to — and he was very disappointed. He came to take her home. Gordon arrives just in time to see them head to the car. And then a shooter opens fire, killing Carmine and his men, and wounding Sofia.

At the funeral, Bullock shows up and prompts Gordon to finish what he started and bring in Penguin, because everyone assumes Penguin killed Falcone. Jim takes Sofia into custody and Penguin wants her. He confronts Jim at the station, but the cops stand up to him and throw Oswald and his men out. A war starts between Penguin and the cops. Sofia tells Jim about Oswald blowing up Martin. Jim goes to arrest Penguin for it; he laughs, because he know Martin is alive. The problem is that Victor Zsasz is the only one who knows where Martin is, and he thinks Penguin killed Falcone — someone that Victor used to work for and is still loyal to. So he turns on Oswald and will testify that he killed Martin. Oswald is arrested.

Meanwhile, Bullock officially quits the force. Barbara gets her bar back. Tabby kidnaps Grundy and beats him until he gets his memory back, but she leaves before seeing that it worked. Over at Wayne Manor, Alfred continues the tough love, but it backfires as Bruce fires him and legally removes Alfred as his guardian. Penguin ends up in Arkham with Jerome as he neighbor, and Nygma is seeing his Riddler persona in the mirror more. And Zsasz seems to be working for Sofia now.

Now, back to the main story: Gordon goes to Sofia to ask her to not pull the crime bosses together under her, etc., etc. Then Lazlo Valine, AKA Professor Pyg, comes in and we learn that he works for Sofia. The Pyg was a cover used to move Jim up with the GCPD. And we learn that Sofia had her father killed and herself shot to put blame on Oswald. She then kills Lazlo and then explains to Jim that not one cop was killed when Penguin was in charge, but now 12 are dead because Gordon wanted Falcone's help. Now he can either come clean and have the GCPD turn against him, or he can stay in charge knowing what he's done. All of this was her plan to get revenge on Gordon for killing her brother, Mario.

This has been an interesting season so far — absolutely nuts, really. The end of the episode paid off so many plot lines yet there are still some more to play out. I look forward to seeing Jerome and Oswald interact. I'm curious to see what Grundy with Butch's mind will be like and what that means for Ed. Wondering about the whole thing with Ed falling for Lee… it's not healthy when Ed falls in love. The girl always dies. But I'm most curious to see how Sofia running Gotham is going to be like and how this will play with Gordon.

Gotham is going on hiatus until the spring. No specific return date has been given.

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