"Batwoman" and Alice Go "Through the Looking Glass" [SPOILER REVIEW]

The CW's Batwoman goes dark and heavy as we deal with the fallout from last week's episode where Kate (Ruby Rose) accidentally killed Jonathan Cartwright, Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) kidnapper and torturer. We literally open on the two of them, along with Daddy Kane (Dougray Scott) burying Cartwright under an overpass in some forgotten corner of […]

"Batwoman" Preview: Kate, Alice Track Mouse "Through the Looking Glass"

Well, unless there's some alt-reality, post-"Crisis" vibes in play that we haven't seen yet, The CW's Batwoman took Kate (Ruby Rose) past a line that no one who dons the "dark knight" mantle is supposed to cross. Now she finds herself in the middle of a very unexpected family reunion with Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and […]

the brides

"The Brides": "Gotham" Alum Erin Richards Joins ABC Pilot for Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Greg Berlanti's "Dracula" Take

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Greg Berlanti's (You, Batwoman) The Brides has rounded out Count Dracula's (Goran Visnjic) three brides – with Gotham alum Erin Richards set for the final lead role. The actress joins Visnjic, Gina Torres, Katherine Reis, Chris Mason, and Sophia Tatum on what ABC describes as a "vampire soap" about empowered, […]

Did Gotham Have A Zorro? Batman #90 Spoilers

Did Gotham Have A Zorro? Batman #90 Spoilers

In today's Batman #90, we get a story from Catwoman's point of view about how she – and the Penguin, Riddler and Joker, all met the Designer, back in the day, when everything was all very nineteen-sizties. The villain who has re-emerged today and may be Batman's biggest threat. But it turns out he had […]


"Crisis" Management: Kevin Conroy on Playing a Broken Bruce Wayne [VIDEO]

We've officially reached the end of the year, folks – which means The CW's "Arrowverse" shows are taking a brief winter's nap. Arrow is shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse"), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joined the family alongside Supergirl and expanded […]

harley quinn

"Harley Quinn" Strikes Us More of a "Knock-Knock" Joke Fan, Riddler – Sorry [VIDEO]

So far, we've liked what we've seen from DC Universe's adult-oriented animated series Harley Quinn. The streaming service had teased fans with details about the series as far back as 2018's New York Comic Con (NYCC), and now? Let's just say that the Kaley Cuoco-starrer (with The Big Bang Theory alum also executive producing, alongside Justin […]

"Batwoman": Kate Kane Finally Gets "Down, Down, Down" In the Suit [PREVIEW]

As Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) continues to fall down "The Rabbit Hole," this week we go "Down, Down, Down" even further in this week's Batwoman. And perhaps most importantly, we finally get the "perfection" we were promised in the first episode as Kate dons her own personal version of the batsuit. So, how's it look? […]

It's Official - Dan DiDio Confirms James Tynion IV as New Batman Writer in 2020

OFFICIAL – Dan DiDio Confirms James Tynion IV as New Batman Writer in 2020

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you that DC Comics would announce the new writer of their ongoing Batman comic book today, probably at the Barnes & Noble Union Square Batman Day event alongside Dan DiDio, Scott Snyder Brad Walker and Peter Tomasi. Then we told you it would be Justice League writer and former Detective Comics writer, […]

"Batman: Black and White" Statue Series Hit Their 100th Statue

Batman Black and White Statue Series Hit Their 100th Statue

Batman Black and White series first debuted back in 1996. It was a limited-run series from DC that features 8 page Batman stories in Black and White. Volumes 2 and 3 of the series are more recent with a 2013-2014 publication. The Batman Black and White series have been quite popular but the statue series […]