Green Lantern, Gotham Knights Moving Ahead; Strange Adventures Over

Earlier this week, during the latest episode of Hollywood Babble-On, filmmaker Kevin Smith shared the news that EP Greg Berlanti & HBO Max's DC's Strange Adventures had been scrapped and that the future wasn't looking too bright for Berlanti's "Green Lantern" series, either. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter released this afternoon, the streamer has confirmed that Smith was correct: DC's Strange Adventures will not be moving forward series (with the decision having reportedly been made months ago and not part of the recent wave of WBD moves). But with "Green Lantern," sources say the Finn Wittrock & Jeremy Irvine-starring series (with Superman & Lois' Lee Toland Krieger directing the first two episodes) "remains on track" and that "all involved are taking their time with the effects-heavy show — the priciest series Berlanti Productions has ever mounted — in order to get it right." In addition, the end of the report also appears to push back on rumors that The CW's Gotham Knights was DOA: "Other DC shows under the Berlanti umbrella, including the final season of 'The Flash,' season three of 'Superman & Lois' and newcomer 'Gotham Knights' at The CW, are also moving ahead as planned."

Green Lantern, Gotham Knights Moving Ahead; Strange Adventures Over
Image: DC Comics/The CW

Speaking with his co-host Ralph Garman about the controversy surrounding the recent run of HBO Max decision, Smith revealed that he and Eric Carrasco were tapped about two years ago to write an episode of "Strange Adventures" that would've focused on the secret origin of Bizarro and feature Jimmy Olsen & Perry White. Smith goes on the describe how the episode would play out (definitely worth a listen because it sounds great) and reveals that they wanted to approach Nicolas Cage to play Bizarro. During the conversation, we also learned that the series was meant to serve as an anthology series to introduce DCU characters that weren't Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. The Warner Bros team in charge at the time was apparently willing to spend $16-$20M per episode and had creative team pairings working up scripts to submit to make up the first season. But then Smith dropped the hammer, revealing that he was given a heads-up by Carrasco ("'Strange Adventures' is officially dead") that the project wasn't moving forward. And then, though he admits he doesn't know it for a fact, Smith is pretty much feeling that it's the same thing for the "Green Lantern" series. Here's a look at the clip:

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