Britt Baker Reveals Intimate Details of Relationship with Adam Cole

Like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Britt Baker is an AEW wrestler and Adam Cole works for WWE. But not even being head-to-head on competing wrestling shows AEW Dynamite and NXT can quell the passion between these too lovebirds. Hopefully, the story ends up with a happier ending than Shakespear's, of course. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet as transcribed by 411 Mania, Baker revealed that she met Cole on Bumble while in the most magical place on Earth (Hershey, PA) and didn't recognize him at first from his television character.

AEW Star Britt Baker appears in the audience of NXT War Games. [Screencap from Broadcast]
AEW Star Britt Baker appears in the audience of NXT War Games. [Screencap from Broadcast]

Strangers in the Night Britt Baker and Adam Cole

"We're both wrestlers, but we actually met on Bumble, a dating app," Bajer reveals. "I was in Hershey, PA for a dental school conference and he came on Bumble but it just didn't look like him because he had his hair back and normal clothes on and anytime I've ever seen him in a wrestling ring he's like soaking wet, his hair is dripping wet, he has no clothes on, pro-wrestling, right? And it said his name was Austin, so for me, I'm like, this guy looks so familiar but I don't know Austin and then it finally clicked and we started talking from there, and then it took us awhile to go on a date, I was kind of hesitant because he's not the most likable character on TV and is kind of evil, but it was after New Japan, when he got home from New Japan, when he won the Ring of Honor title, I think for the third time, we went on a date, and it was ever since then, and now I live in Orlando with him."

As to how Baker and Cole managed to make it work while engaging in a long-distance relationship due to their different travelling schedules, Baker credits it all to Grey's Anatomy. "He said, well, pick a TV show and we'll watch it every night on Facetime," Baker said. "So I picked Grey's Anatomy, and we finished the whole series, which is like 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, we'd watch an episode every night on Facetime, it was like a little date night."

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

It's heartwarming to see that these two kids used television to strengthen their bond during a potentially difficult time in their relationship. It's similar but opposite to the way my wife, Keighleyanne, and I are getting through a difficult time in our marriage: quarantine. With both of us stuck at home, we've been using television to avoid each other as much as possible so that we don't drive each other nuts. Truly, it has strengthened our connection and bond.

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