Is Nia Jax's Hole Okay?

They're words that will echo in the halls of wrestling history forever. "Aaaaahhhhhh! Oh, my butt! Aaaaahhh! My hole!" That's what Nia Jax had to say last night after taking a bump on the ring apron during a tables match with Lana, and it instantly transformed the WWE star from a scapegoat for fan anger over her booking and frequent target of complaints about her in-ring skills to a beloved internet meme-generator, and honestly, the world is better off for it.

Nia Jax injures her hole on WWE Raw, creating an instantly viral moment.
Nia Jax injures her hole on WWE Raw, creating an instantly viral moment.

The pivotal moment occurs at around 2:10 in the video below. Nia goes for a leg drop on the apron, but Lana moves out of the way, causing Nia's now-famous butthole to collide with the hardest part of the ring. The resulting tantrum from Jax was instantly legendary.

And the WWE Universe reacted to the moment, sending Jax's hole trending on Twitter. Even WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley chimed in on the moment.

That t-shirt hasn't yet been released, but the fact that WWE is keeping the video up is a positive sign the company may choose to embrace Nia's hole. And why shouldn't they? It's rare for a moment to be embraced so organically by fans, and it's in WWE's best interest to capitalize.

Is Nia Jax's Hole Okay?
WWE star Nia Jax's hole trends on Twitter after Monday Night Raw

Two decades from now, will Nia Jax screaming "Ooooh! My hole!" be one of those moments played endlessly in video montages promoting the future version of the WWE Network? Will Nia's hole get its own Network Documentary? Is it possible to induct an anus into the WWE Hall-of-Fame? These are questions that only the passage of time can answer, but for now, we'll have to settle for a more immediate one: is your hole okay, Nia? We hope it is.

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