It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S15E05 Promo: The Gang Takes Ireland

After this week's double-dose of nostalgia and sledgehammer satire, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson & Danny DeVito are looking to export Paddy's charm and wisdom over to Ireland in next week's episodes of FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "The Gang Goes To Ireland" and "The Gang's Still In Ireland" (written by McElhenney, Day & Howerton, and directed by Megan Ganz). While Dee (Olson) looks to hit the big time with the role of "Obnoxious American MILF," Dennis (Howerton) ends up helping Frank (DeVito) take care of some "business." As for Mac (McElhenney) and Charlie (Day), it's all about learning about one's Irish heritage. What could go wrong, right?

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Image: Screencap

Before you get a chance to rattle off a dozen or so ways that scenario can and will go wrong, take a breather and check out the following preview for this season's fifth episode of FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Season 15 Episode 5: "The Gang Goes To Ireland": The Gang's in Dublin! Dennis longs for a charming, authentic European experience, but ends up helping Frank with some of his business's "dirty work." Mac and Charlie learn about their Irish heritage. Dee rushes to the set of an Irish soap opera, where she will play the role of "Obnoxious American MILF." Written by Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton and directed by Megan Ganz.

Season 15 Episode 6: "The Gang's Still In Ireland": Dennis and Dee explore their new accommodations in the countryside; Frank accompanies Charlie to find the truth about Charlie's Irish childhood pen pal; Mac has an identity crisis and decides to join the seminary. Written by Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton and directed by Megan Ganz.

Season 15 Episode 7: "Dee Sings in a Bog": Guided by a young priest, Mac spends a day at the seminary to truly understand what it takes to become a priest. Dennis and Frank plan an elaborate trap at the castle to humiliate Charlie's pen pal. Dee prepares for a date with an Irish doctor, only to find herself sinking in a bog. Having learned of his pen pal's true identity, Charlie bonds with him and makes a choice that will forever change the Gang. Written by David Hornsby & Rob Roseell and directed by Pete Chatmon.

Season 15 Episode 8: "The Gang Carries a Corpse Up a Mountain": The Gang attempts to ascend a mountain in order for Charlie to fulfill an old and mysterious Irish burial tradition. But one by one, the Gang backs out until Charlie is left to honor the dead body alone. Written by Megan Ganz and directed by Richie Keen.

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