Justice U: Ramsey Offers Update; Teases Green Lantern "Long Story"

By now, Arrowverse fans have read the writing on the wall. In its second season finale, The CW's Superman & Lois made it official that the series wasn't set in the Arrowverse. Combine that with The Flash getting ready to wrap up its run with an abbreviated 13-episode season, and it's sadly easy to see that the Arrowverse's days are numbered. So what does this mean for David Ramsey-starring Justice U? With Ramsey's most recent turn as John Diggle having been established as not being the Arrowverse version, the chances of the series making the Warner Bros. Discovery cut seemed pretty good. Back in October of this year, Ramsey confirmed that "we're on the second draft of a script, and we just closed the deal on a writer. I'm not sure I can say her name, so I won't, but we're very close to submitting our second draft. It's still in development, and we're moving forward." Now, nearly two months later, we've got another update from Ramsey, one that sounds even more positive.

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In an Instagram post that shows him hard at work direction on his birthday weekend, Ramsey was asked why he didn't take the ring. Of course, they're referencing the scene in the Arrow series finale, "Fadeout," when Diggle finds a crashed meteorite that contains a box that emanates a green glow when opened. The ten-ton implication was that Diggle was being invited to join the Green Lantern Corp. Responding that the reason was "a LONG story," Ramsey also dropped a very interesting "but" and "stay tuned." Later, Ramsey is asked about the status of Justice U in light of all the changes happening within Warner Bros. Discovery. While not able to offer specifics, Ramsey did write that "the smoke is clearing" and that "good stuff is in the works."

justice u
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justice u
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Now here's a look at Ramsey's post showing what he was doing over his birthday weekend, with the updates that we just described happening as replies in the comments section- take a look:

Could Justice U Be the Linking Device for "Arrowverse 2.0"?

Clearly no longer set in the Arrowverse and we're assuming set in the "Superman & Lois" universe, Diggle is embarking on a new mission to recruit five young metahumans to live undercover as freshmen at a prestigious university in Justice U. There, he will oversee their education and train them to become the heroes of tomorrow. And maybe that's why the show's still moving forward. Could this be the series that serves as a linking device? I mean, having a place that trains young heroes would be a great way to bring a number of them together from Stargirl, Titans, Superman & Lois, etc., as well as introduce some new characters or known characters who haven't hit the small screen yet. Stemming from Michael Narducci (Superman & Lois) and Zoanne Clack (Grey's Anatomy), Ramsey is expected to direct the pilot. Produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, and Geoff Johns will executive produce alongside Narducci and Clack.

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