Keith Lee Keeping a Positive Attitude About Terrible Theme Music

WWE star Keith Lee recently made his debut on Monday Night Raw and got a big PPV win over Randy Orton shortly thereafter, which would normally be a spectacular debut by any measure. But there's just one problem: his new entrance music absolutely sucks. Lee's NXT theme music, which was created by CFO$, was pretty much perfect, causing fans to want to "bask in his glory," as the song's lyrics instructed. However, CFO$ had a falling out with WWE, and the company has been trying to get rid of their songs so they can stop paying royalties. When Lee moved up to the main roster, it was a perfect opportunity to say "out with the old, in with the new."

Keith Lee appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.
Keith Lee appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.

Unfortunately, the new, in the case of Keith Lee's entrance theme, is an insultingly bad generic heavy metal instrumental that doesn't come close to generating the hype Lee's old entrance theme did. In fact, pretty much the only thing fans thing when they hear it is, "why the hell did they get rid of Keith Lee's old entrance theme?" After Lee made his debut, fans reacted to the theme song debacle on Twitter, and Lee, a model employee, tried to calm the masses, tweeting, "Music is out of my hands. Period. Leave it be. I'll sort it out later."

And now Lee is trying to do just that, responding to a tweet from musician Josiah Williams, who was furloughed by WWE back in April but just returned to the company, asking him to make Lee a new theme.

Hopefully, Lee gets his wish, and Williams does make him a new theme song. Or, literally, anyone else on the face of the planet makes a new theme song. Anything would be better than what he's got going on now.

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