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Last Week Tonight Host John Oliver Wins 5th Emmy, Addresses Danbury

HBO's Last Week Tonight continues its dominance winning Outstanding Talk Series at the 72nd Emmy Awards. Hardly a loss for words, host John Oliver recorded his acceptance speech dressing comfortably and reflecting the work that went into continuing the show under difficult circumstances during the pandemic. "Thank you so much to the Academy for sending what's technically a small bomb to my house," Oliver said. "The way this year has gone I wouldn't be surprised if this had blown up and caused a small wildfire in New York. The host sat next to the box that contained the award with a hand sticking out holding the prize."

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Last Week Tonight host John Oliver covers 2020 RNC and Kenosha protests. Image courtesy of WarnerMedia

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Oliver told Entertainment Weekly given the remote nature of the 2020 ceremony. "This is different from the others as you can tell because mentally half my mind is how I'm going to clean up all of this f***ing glitter. This feels very nice. A decapitated hand gave me an Emmy out of box, that's how I always dreamt it." The host gave thanks to business daddy HBO, producers, staff, and family. "All of these variety shows have been very fortunate to be able to do our shows and not stop through the pandemic," Oliver said. "I don't take that lightly. We've been incredibly lucky and it's only because of our staff and how hard they've worked." The host added he hasn't seen the show's staff in six months. "I miss you so much I honestly cannot wait to when we're in the same space together whenever that is."

In Oliver's interview with Variety after explaining his wardrobe of choice sporting a hoodie with his favorite soccer team in Liverpool, he was asked if he's dedicating his award to Dansbury, Connecticut whose mayor felt the need to name the town's local sewage treatment plant after the host. "Well, I mean that is a very good point," he said after initially laughing. "We don't…I don't have full news there. I will say it's very promising for those who don't know…I feel like I'm close so hopefully if all goes well and the political system stands up then the council will do the right thing and give me that sewage plant."

For those unaware of an episode of Last Week Tonight back in 2017, Oliver started the "feud" initially by poking fun at the lengths mayors were going in order to get Amazon to build facilities in their cities. Fast forward to 2020 where the host put the Danbury on full blast accusing the town of its racial disparities when it came to its jury selection process in Connecticut closing out saying, "If you're going to forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury? Because, and this is true, f*** Danbury!" In response, Mayor Mark Boughton retaliated swearing to rename its local sewage plant after the host. "We are going to rename it the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant…Why? Because it's full of crap just like you, John." In a later episode, Oliver shot back. "F*** Danbury…babies, elderly, pets, buildings all of you can go f*** yourselves." The host graciously offered $55,000 if they name the sewage plant after him giving them a week to respond before lobbing another verbal jab, "Don't Danbury this up!" Boughton responded as a condition to renaming, the host will have to physically be in the town and threw in another gesture showing off "The John Oliver S*** House" in the form of a portable toilet.

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