MVP Learns About Ballin' as R-Truth Faces Bobby Lashley at WWE MitB

With WWE Money in the Bank underway and a tag team championship match in the books, R-Truth came to the ring to battle MVP in a match sure to have shenanigans. MVP came to the ring in Black Panther pajamas. I feel like he's worn that before. At the Royal Rumble maybe? Oh, and he's wearing it in the match graphic below too. Disney buying WWE confirmed? Just because it's pandemic doesn't mean you can just reuse your outfits, MVP. If I still have to put pants on before writing Bleeding Cool articles (and my editors have assured me repeatedly that I do), you have to get dressed too.

R-Truth takes on MVP at Money in the Bank... or does he?
R-Truth takes on MVP at Money in the Bank… or does he?

First, It Was MVP vs. R-Truth

Before the match, R-Truth offered to teach MVP about "ballin'." MVP insisted that he, in fact, is the expert on ballin. R-Truth insisted he could, and demonstrated his basketball technique. MVP called him a "fake young thug wannabe offset future looking face" and brought out Bobby Lashley. "That's what's up," he told Truth. MVP takes the night off and lets Lashley fight in his place. R-Truth tries to join him, but Lashley won't let him leave.

Bobby Lashley Showed Up to Replace MVP Before That Finish

Lashley backs Truth up into the corner. When Truth tries to escape, Lashley catches him and delivers a beating in the corner with a series of spears. Lashley tosses Truth around like a ragdoll then delivers a spinebuster, then a standing vertical suplex attempt, which Truth reversed into a scissors kick attempt. Alas, Lashley reversed again to a spear for the pin.

Bobby Lashley is victorious at WWE Money in the Bank
Bobby Lashley is victorious at WWE Money in the Bank

Poor Truth. He was a legit star in TNA, but a comedy act and jobber to the stars in WWE. The announcers sold Lashley learning to channel his anger for this match, so that was the point it seems. A total squash though, so I rate this match half a fired cuckold husband. Follow Bleeding Cool's ongoing live Money in the Bank coverage here. Watch Money in the Bank on the WWE Network.

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