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WWE Backlash Preview Graphic for Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Bronson Reed
Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed🎊The Chadster is over the moon with appreciation for WWE's generosity in providing this breathtaking Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed graphic The Chadster can't believe his luck to be able to use such a marvelous image WWE, you've truly outdone yourselves! 😊 Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed vs[...]
Byron Saxton is as surprised as we are to be announcing actual matches for WWE Raw tonight.
Previously, all WWE was advertising for the show was that Bobby Lashley had "unfinished business" and that Judgment Day were looking for some way to kill time before their upcoming title match against The Usos But now, thanks to the magic of social media, we now know that Judgement Day will take on Alpha Academy[...]
Bobby Lashley to Face Omos in Steel Cage on WWE Raw Next Week
The feud between Bobby Lashley and The Nigerian Giant Omos, against all better judgment, will continue next week when Lashley faces Omos inside a steel cage Lashley challenged Omos to the match following a failed attempt to get his hands on MVP during a VIP Lounge segment on this week's WWE Raw MVP joined with[...]
Because U Demanded It: Lashley v. Omos Set for WrestleMania Backlash
Due to rampant fan demand, Bobby Lashley will once again square off with The Giant Omos at WrestleMania Backlash in two weeks Yes, fans have really been clamoring for this second clash of the titans, as evidenced during the arm wrestling contest on WWE Raw last night. overall Raw was pretty good this week but holy[...]
WWE Breaking News: Roman Reigns Will Not Be At WWE Day 1 Tonight
I look forward to returning to action as soon as possible." With Roman Reigns out with COVID-19, tonight's main event match at WWE Day 1 will now be a Fatal 5-Way Match for the WWE title, courtesy of WWE. With the Roman Reigns news, WWE has been quick to answer the immediate question everyone will have: what[...]
WWE Day 1 Preview: Can Brock Lesnar Finally Dethrone Roman Reigns?
Then, prior to Zayn's match against Reigns, Brock took the challenger to Suplex City before hitting him with two F5s! Moments later, The Head of the Table emerged to easily defeat the war torn Sami and the rematch between Reigns and Lesnar was set in stone. Along with that match tonight at WWE Day 1 we will also see WWE[...]
kevin owens
 Not needing to worry about potentially relocating his home situation or dealing with a new company and reestablishing yourself to a new audience and all that comes with that is almost definitely a mind-easer for Owens and his family and that's ok!  I know some fans are going to whine and carry on online about[...]
WWE Raw Roster So Thin Bobby Lashley Wrestles 3 Times in 1 Night
As a result, Bobby Lashley was forced to wrestle three times on WWE Raw last night to compensate, winning entry into the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1 as a reward. An exhausted Bobby Lashley had to work overtime on WWE Raw on Monday thanks to WWE's lack of foresight. Lashley kicked off the show demanding[...]
Big E cuts a promo on WWE Smackdown.
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is set to face Randy Orton in the main event of tonight's show, so Big E's cash-in would presumably occur on the victor of that match, who is likely to be worn out from competing in the main event. WWE Smackdown star Big E plans to cash in his Money in the[...]
Goldberg vs. Bobby Lashley Officially Set for WWE SummerSlam
Goldberg and Bobby Lashley will officially face off for Lashley's WWE Championship on Sunday, August 21st, in a match sure to last minutes and hopefully end without anyone critically injured. Goldberg and Bobby Lashley face off in the ring It doesn't get any better than this! No, seriously It's not going to be better when they[...]
Goldberg Is Coming Back To Face Bobby Lashley At SummerSlam. Yay…
It turns out Bret Hart's favorite wrestler of all time, Goldberg, will be returning as soon as next week on Raw to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam. Goldberg is to return on next week's Raw and challenge Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam, courtesy of WWE. Fightful Select is saying that Goldberg will indeed be crashing the party at the American Airlines[...]
WWE WrestleMania Backlash match graphic: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman for the WWE Championship
Bobby Lashley defended his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. WWE WrestleMania Backlash match graphic: Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman for the WWE Championship As one would expect based on the sheer mass involved, this was a hard-hitting match that wreaked destruction on the WWE Thunderdome, with McIntyre using the WWE Champion[...]
Good Raw tonight, right? Right??
On the WrestleMania Backlash go-home edition of WWE Raw next week, Bobby Lashley will face another one of his opponents from the WWE Championship triple threat match at Backlash Next week, Lashley and Drew McIntyre will go head-to-head, following McIntyre's interference in Lashley's match with the other member of the triple threat, Braun Strowman, this[...]
Former Retribution members T-Bar and Mace were unmasked on WWE Raw
First, the return of The All Mighty, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley From a press release: The All Mighty returns. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is set to make his return to Raw this Monday with an address aimed at the challenger for his title at WrestleMania Backlash, Drew McIntyre. What will The All Mighty WWE Champion have to[...]
Bobby Lashley will defend the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania... if he can make it through Sheamus first... bwahahaha sorry, we couldn't keep a straight face there.
At the beginning of WWE Raw tonight, WWE announced that Drew McIntyre will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania The announcement kicked off a segment at the start of Raw in which Lashley attacked McIntyre before McIntyre's match against The Miz But in a twist, McIntyre's former friend turned jealous enemy Sheamus[...]
Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion.
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will be heavily featured on this week's episode of WWE Raw… though what exactly he'll be doing, WWE doesn't seem to know yet WWE aired an advertisement for an "All Mighty Edition" of WWE Raw during Smackdown last night, but Lashley isn't actually booked to do anything on the show[...]
Drew McIntyre watches Bobby Lashley kick The Miz's ass on WWE Raw
This week on WWE Raw, The Miz got his rematch for the WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley Miz lost the title to Lashley in the main event of Raw last week just weeks after winning it from Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber The Miz, it seemed, was destined to be only a transitional champion So[...]
The Miz will attempt to regain the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley in a rematch on WWE Raw tonight.
Last week, tragedy befell beloved American cultural icon, reality TV star, and professional wrestler The Miz when he was forced to defend his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley in a lumberjack match and lost Miz had only just won the title two weeks prior at WWE Elimination Chamber, cashing in his Money in the Bank[...]
WWE Raw Worked Beginning To End Last Night.  Let's Look At Why.
 Well, last night's episode of Raw was… different. The new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, courtesy of WWE. How was Raw different this week?  For one thing, they actually used some basic storytelling techniques  Anyone that has ever taken a basic writing or storytelling class knows that the beginning is important because that's where you hook your audience and[...]
Drew McIntyre appears on Raw Talk to challenge Bobby Lashley to a WrestleMania title match.
Gang aft a-gley." McIntyre lost his championship to The Miz at Elimination Chamber, and Miz lost it to Bobby Lashley on WWE Raw las night But McIntyre can still get things back on track: all he needs is to get a WrestleMania main event match with Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. Drew McIntyre appears on[...]
Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion.
Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz tonight on WWE Raw to win the WWE Championship The battle to make the match actually happen was more difficult for Lashley than the match itself, which he won easily by forcing The Miz to tap out with the Hurt Lock Miz won the championship from Drew McIntyre by cashing[...]
Bobby Lashley prepares to destroy Braun Strowman on WWE Raw.
Will Bobby Lashley transform into his Kaiju form on WWE Raw next Monday and destroy The Miz so hard FEMA needs to come in to clean up? According to Hurt Business founder MVP, yes Lashley and MVP were interviewed by Sarah Schrieber following Lashley's match against Braun Strowman in the main event of WWE Raw[...]
Match graphic for Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley on WWE Raw.
Braun Strowman inserted himself into the WWE title scene, obtaining a match against Bobby Lashley for the chance to face Bobby Lashley and The Miz in a triple threat title match next week Strowman got involved in a discussion between Miz and Lashley over the title shot Miz owed Lashley for beating up Drew McIntyre[...]
Bobby Lashley is set to defend his United States Championship at Elimination Chamber against Keith Lee and "Riddle"
And work quickly they did, inserting a returning Keith Lee into the feud between Bobby Lashley and "Riddle" and turning the whole thing into a Triple Threat match for the United States Championship at Elimination Chamber. Bobby Lashley is set to defend his United States Championship at Elimination Chamber against Keith Lee and "Riddle" From the press[...]
The Rusev/Lana/Lashley Cuckold Story Almost had Erectile Dysfunction
With the possible exception of the storyline where Sheamus became addicted to drinking urine after Jeff Hardy threw a cup of it in his face (at least, in our headcanon, that's what happened), the greatest WWE storyline of the past several years is clearly the cuckold story between Miro, formerly known as Rusev, his real-life[...]
WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE)
Nevertheless, Asuka defended her Raw Women's Championship against Zelina Vega, and now Apollo Crews will challenge Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. In a pre-recorded video while he makes his entrance with Ricochet, Apollo Crews cuts a very smiley promo about not selling out and being the underdog and winning the United States Championship from[...]
Apollo Crews vs. MVP – United States Championship Match: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020
Then MVP comes out with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley Crews hands over his original US title belt, while MVP hands over the new one. Before the match starts, MVP cuts a promo He says he's the real US Champion because Crews didn't show up at Extreme Rules MVP says Crews made excuses while MVP made[...]
Mustafa Ali vs. Bobby Lashley: Raw, July 27, 2020
Truth says he's getting his baby back and he has eyes on "Mufasa." Raw goes to commercials. MVP is in the ring with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin for the VIP Lounge MVP says he and the Hurt Business are better than everyone else Last week, they were trying to celebrate MVP's victory at Extreme Rule[...]
Aleister Black confronts Seth Rollins: Raw, July 20, 2020
MVP declared himself the new United States Champion in Crews' absence. MVP and Bobby Lashley talk with Ron Simmons backstage They fistbump Hopefully, Simmons has some hand sanitizer R-Truth walks up and compliments MVP's replica United States Champion MVP says he's the real champion because he beat Crews by forfeit last night Truth is skeptical[...]
Drew McIntyre Would Prefer Sewage in Wounds Over Sleeping With Lana
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre didn't mince words when he revealed whether or not he would take Lana up on her suggestion that he would have made a better sexual partner than Bobby Lashley The answer, in short, is no McIntyre was responding to comments Lana made during the first hour of WWE Monday Night Raw[...]